5 App Options For Your Car Maintenance Needs

5 App Options For Your Car Maintenance Needs

Now car maintenance may not be your favourite subject, but nevertheless it is important. Failing to maintain your car correctly means you could be driving a vehicle that’s unsafe or costing you over the odds to run. To make sure your car maintenance needs are met there are several app options which can help.


Autocare is a super handy app to manage your vehicle maintenance, service records and fuel economy. To track your gas mileage and ensure that your vehicle is maintained Autocare is all you need. When you’re using this application you no longer need to worry about missing your important checks from your tire rotations to your oil changes. Some of the features of Autocare include reports on service expenses, customizable reminders and online sync with iCloud.


Fuelly is an app to help you track fuel efficiency, using this application it’s easy to make savings on your gas. Each time you fuel-up, you have the option to add the gallons and the miles. Over time this MPG data collects up nicely in the app. Other features of Fuelly include stats and vehicle maintenance options, presets, multiple vehicle support and support via messaging.

Car Minder

Car Minder is one of the most popular apps out there for car maintenance, here you can log all of your repairs, services and fill ups. Car Minder will remind you when you next need to book your car in for work, plus provide your average mileage data. It’s easy to forget about your car maintenance checks, however it can be both costly and dangerous. Car Minder will ensure that your vehicle is kept in top condition, meaning you’ll save money in the long run. If you don’t take good care of your vehicle you’ll be buying a new car before long!

FOBO Tire 

FOBO Tire allows users to keep track of their tire pressure, so you’ll stay safe and always achieve a smooth drive. The app includes a flat tire alert, a simple tire sensor and 24/7 monitoring. The sensor works as an alert even when you’re away from your vehicle, so you can be sure you won’t get caught out with a flat tyre. There are also a few other apps which monitor tire pressure, so you may find yourself spoilt for choice!


GasBuddy is a real handy app where you can find the nearest gas station and check for the cheapest prices. Gasbuddy will also direct you to the gas station, (so no more driving around forever looking for gas)! None of us want to overpay to fill up our cars, and with GasBuddy, you no longer have too. Simply check the price from the app, and if you don’t like the sound of it, search for another station.

With these helpful apps in your car, you can fully relax about your car maintenance needs. Motoring costs seem to go up every year and so it’s nice to save money where possible. To save yourself money in the long run it’s a good move to buy a used car instead of new. Ron Skinner & Sons have some great used cars available, including some reasonable finance options.

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