Simple Tactics To Keep Your Career Moving Forward

Simple Tactics To Keep Your Career Moving Forward

Getting stuck in a career rut is never a lot of fun. You want to feel like you’re making progress towards something. But you spend your entire life doing the same old tasks over and over again, and it gets a little dull. 

It turns out though that practically everyone can make some kind of progress in their careers. It just requires having specific foundational tactics in place to make it happen. Just like everything else in life, nothing is automatic. You have to work at it, smartly and intelligently. 

Here are several astonishingly simple tactics you can use that work in practically every job role. 

Keep Your CV Up To Date

You never quite know when an opportunity is going to come knocking. For that reason, it pays to keep your resume up to date so that you can hand it over to hiring managers looking for people like you with your skills. Having an up-to-date CV is important because it shows you in the best possible light. You provide people with your most recent skills, offering them what you can do right now, instead of years in the past. 

Grow A Network

Having a network of people who know and like you is critical for progression in professional and freelance circles. When you have a network, you open up massive opportunities for moving to better-paid positions both in your own company and in others. 

It turns out that whenever there are people, there are networking opportunities. It’s actually much easier than you imagine. There are a couple of approaches you can take, both of which involve providing value. 

The first is to improve the lives of the people you meet directly. It can be something incredibly simple, like engaging conversation. Or it can be direct support with an issue they face. 

The other strategy is to be somebody who brings people who need to talk to each other together. This tactic helps to place you at the centre of the network. You become the person everyone goes to when they have an issue with something, or they need the help of another professional. 

Always Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open

New job opportunities come up all the time. This website, for instance, shows some of the pay packages and benefits on offer for those who seek them out. 

Keeping an open mind is essential when it comes to progressing your career. Instead of having a fixed idea in your mind for what you want to do, you should go with the flow or “be like water” as the Taoist monks like to say. For example, if you have spotted a role that you like but that doesn’t quite meet your desired salary, you may be able to negotiate. Some businesses will consider providing additional employee incentives or bonuses, such as fuel allowances or childcare, in place of a monetary increase.

You can’t push upstream against the market, but you can certainly take advantage of opportunities as you ride downstream. And that’s something you should definitely try to do whenever you can. Being afraid of progress is a surefire way to never reach your goals. 

Be Positive

Finally, you want to focus on positivity. Don’t assume that you can’t progress to the next level. If you do, then you’ll send out unconscious signals to everyone else, and you’ll never get the role you want. 

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