My intentions for 2020

My Intentions for 2020

Happy New Year! I feel like I’m slightly late to the party with this blog post. In fact I didn’t even do one for 2019, probably because I had too much going on at the time including the start of our house renovation, sleep training and a six month old baby. Yet here I am at the start of the new year, the start of a decade with time on my hands, time to actually put into place all the thoughts and ideas I’ve had over the past year and making 2020 work for me.

You’ll see that I have written “Intentions” rather than “Goals” which is important. Why? Well a goal feels like something you can pass or fail at doing, beating yourself up if you don’t quite reach that end goal. Whereas an intention, to me, feels far more fluid. By intending to do something you’ll do your best to get there, the intention may even change throughout the year, but whatever the outcome it’s not a failure. So here are my intentions for 2020.

Grow The Social Shed

With both kids now in childcare for two days of the week I now have more time on my hands for work, and I am determined to grow my social media business as much as I can. This means a lot of hustling, networking, meeting new people, and not being afraid to shout about what I do and how I can help businesses. One of the key areas that I want to focus on is local businesses, and I do feel that since growing The Pramshed social presence on Instagram my local network has grown, so lets see what 2020 holds for my social media business; The Social Shed.

Step out of my comfort zone

Which leads me onto my next point, which is stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to work. Last year was a funny one with the house renovation and Bertie being so young, I felt that I didn’t really push myself as much as I had in previous year. But that’s ok, that’s life and that’s how it goes sometimes. This year is all about being a little bit braver, doing things that I haven’t done before, scaring myself a little and ultimately trying to achieve more.

Overhaul the blog

You may have noticed that my blog is becoming less parenting focused and more lifestyle focused due to a shift in my interests as a result of the house renovation and home interiors. It will still retain a parenting focus but it will be less prevalent than it currently is. This means that the name has to change slighty. It will still feature The Pramshed as that was the starting point for all of this, plus I need to keep it as everything is based around that name. So watch this space for a blog overhaul and hopefully more writing and more blog posts coming soon.

Renovation phase 2

We still have a chunk of the house left to complete which includes the front door, front garden and the refurbishment of our loft bathroom and bedroom. I really need to get into gear and get on with this as I’ve already formulated in my mind how they are going to look. We’ve still not fully decided on what we’re doing with the loft bedroom which is a decent sized space. We may make the existing cupboard part of the room, or create a dressing area with built in wardrobes that sits under the eaves, with the bed facing the juliet balcony doors. There’s lots to decide on here and I’m hoping that I can get it locked down over the next couple of weeks.

More time for me

Lastly one of the biggest things that I need to do this year is dedicate more time for me. Sometimes I feel like I’m on the constant hamster wheel of parenting and working, and it feels like it’s never-ending, particularly as Freya isn’t sleeping well at night, so it really never stops. So I need to dedicate more time for myself, so that I can be that better parent, better wife, and generally feel a little less stressed.

So that’s it from me. Those are all the things that I intend to do this year, along with eating less meat and eating more of a plant-based/vegan diet (although I could never give up dairy or do dry January). If I don’t complete this list then I’ve at least tried and it’s not a failure.

Now that I’ve shared my intentions for 2020, what are yours?

Claire x


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