My top cleaning hacks any parent should know about it

My top ten cleaning hacks that every parent should know about

As a parent cleaning is one of those things that’s put to the bottom of the pile. It’s difficult to find the time to clean, and when you do have the time it’s demotivating as you know that in less than 5 minutes after cleaning your toddler will have decided to pull out every toy from the toy cupboard.

However having kids does not mean that you need to have a untidy and unclean house. There are many ways in which you can keep on top of the cleaning. Yes, you may need to lower your expectations about having a pristine home for a while, but there are always quick wins that you can do to help make the cleaning process that little bit easier and quicker.

So here are my top ten cleaning hacks that you should know about…..

Clean a room a day

It would be lovely to have the whole house completely clean however in reality unless you have a cleaner this really isn’t possible. Instead make a cleaning rota and on that day of the week give a particular room a clean which includes a dust and a hoover. This should take 15 to 30 minutes max per room and is a quick and easy way of keeping on top of the house throughout the week. Jangro Enviro have a range of cleaning products to help with this, whilst keeping the negative impact on the environment at a minimum.

Pre-load the washing machine the night before

Instead of having all the good intentions of putting a wash on in the morning and getting distracted by the school run, pre-load your washing machine the night before. Then in the morning as soon as you are awake put it on or schedule it to automatically come on at a certain time. Doing it this way means that you’re getting through a wash a day and hopefully avoiding a mountain of laundry.

Tidy the dishes away the night before

Spend 5 minutes before you go to bed tidying away the dishes from dinner, either by putting them in the dishwasher or doing the washing up. You’ll thank yourself in the morning when you come down to a nice and tidy kitchen.

This house was clean yesterday, we're sorry you missed it

Use washing up liquid for carpet cleaning

A tiny little bit of washing up liquid in warm water is great for cleaning stubborn stains from carpet. Simply dip a sponge into the solution and rub the carpet in a circular motion to loosen the stain, or you could consider using Jangro cleaning products.

Window cleaner to remove greasy finger prints

Are your kitchen cupboards covered in greasy finger prints from the kids. I know that mine are pretty much all the time. To quickly remove these marks I use a little bit of window cleaner on a micro-fibre cloth. It works quickly and saves your units from being damaged by harsh kitchen cleaners.

Remove scuffs and marks from walls with baby wipes

I try to limit this as baby wipes are not yet recyclable. However if there is a stubborn mark or scuff on one of your walls, baby wipes should remove it. They can even be used on walls that are a different colour to white as I find that the residue left behind from the baby wipe quickly evaporates.

Wash your child’s plastic toys

All those small plastic toys get incredible dirty with food and generally dirt, and all of this is constantly being transferred into your child’s mouth. So keep your toys clean by putting any plastic toys into a mesh bag and washing in the washing machine. I also do this with my children’s bears and teddies that they love to cuddle all night and end up somewhat gross.

My top cleaning hacks any parent should know about it

Clean on the go

Whilst your kids are having a bath, clean the bathroom. You can watch them whilst they are in the bath, plus they are contained, allowing you to quickly wipe all the surfaces down, give the floor a wipe, disenfect the toilet and give the shower screen a clean. That’s your bathroom cleaned during bath time.

Create a cleaning caddy for each floor of the house

This will make your cleaning even easier and quicker as it will save you having to nip down to the cupboard under the kitchen sink every time you need something to clean with. Make sure that it is stocked with all the cleaning products you need for that floor of the house, as well as sponges and cloths.

Encourage your children to clean

It could take some time for them to do this, but encourage positivity around cleaning and tidying, Play games that make tidying up fun to encourage them to tidy their bedroom before they go to bed. Let them play with the dustpan and brush whilst showing them how to use it. Praise good cleaning and tidying behaviour, whilst encouraging them to respect their home and belongings from a young age.

I hope that my cleaning hacks help you. Do you have any other cleaning tips you could share with us that make cleaning whilst parenting that little bit easier.

Claire x

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Top cleaning hacks every parent should know about

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