Getting the bathroom basics right

Getting the Bathroom Basics Right

A dressing table plus velvet cushioned chair, a waterfall shower or a spa bath: what would be your ultimate bathroom addition be? Are you dreaming of a Victorian-inspired washroom or a bold black bathroom in line with the latest trends?

When you have a bathroom renovation in the offing, it can be easy to get distracted by the finer details. The result? Your budget can spiral quickly or you may find yourself planning a project that in reality is beyond your capabilities. So, before you get too attached to a particular set of bathroom accessories or an overall design, take a little time to consider the bathroom basics. By doing so you’ll find it much easier to get the end result just right.


For many people, the bathroom flooring is a complete afterthought, but the surface under your feet can really help to set bathroom comfort levels and massively impacts the practicality of the space. Ease of cleaning, warmth and impact of wear and tear are all important factors to consider.  

Wooden and marble flooring is often considered the most luxurious, though ceramic tiles and laminate can give a great finish for a fraction of the cost. Carpet tends to be quite an impractical floor covering in bathrooms. It takes time to dry out when wet, which can lead to stains or smells and it’s not very practical for toilet areas. Chances are, if you’ve inherited a carpeted bathroom you’ll want to prioritise replacing your floor covering.


What’s most important to you in a bathroom suite? Do you like a daily shower? Perhaps you prefer a relaxing bath? According to a YouGov survey published in 2016, 14% of people in the UK enjoy a daily bath. If you’re one of those people, you’ll want to seek out a bath that’s hardwearing and simple to clean and a steel bath may be just what you need. Bathdisc’s steel bath range has some nice stylish options. If you’ll be saving up for a new suite or would prefer to splurge your cash elsewhere in the home, replacing fixings such as taps is an easy way to update the appearance of your bathroom.


You might already have an idea of what colours you’d like the walls to be, but have you thought about how you’ll be covering the walls? A combination of paint and tiles is the most common decorating choice for bathrooms. However, you could consider all over tiling or how about a wallpaper feature wall? Feature walls are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms, just be sure to use an appropriate wallpaper and adhesive if you go down this route. Love greenery? A plant wall could be just the thing to brighten up your bathroom space.

Getting the bathroom basics right


It can be tempting to save your budget when it comes to lighting. After all, you just need something practical, right? If you have a tight budget for renovations you can certainly cut costs by opting for a basic bathroom lighting setup. That said, splurging in this area can make all the difference to the overall effect. If you like to relax in the tub and would appreciate the option to dim your lights or would like to create a starry sky effect, investing in an ambient lighting setup could prove a smart spend. For those who like to use the bathroom for pampering, preening or applying makeup – careful thought should be given to providing sufficient lighting combined with a well-placed bathroom mirror.

Windows & Ventilation

Poor ventilation in a bathroom could result in your decorating work being undone prematurely. If you’re moving your bathroom around, installing a new suite with items in new positions or have noticed a problem with mould, please do assign time and budget to ensure there’s adequate ventilation in the space. As part of such measures, you could install new double glazing to provide ventilation when locked with a slight gap. Other steps may include checking wall vents or installing a fan.

Think also about how window-covering choices may trap or help moisture to escape, and of course, think about the level of privacy they will provide.  Be sure to check window sills regularly for condensation spotting too.

Hopefully, this post has given you some ideas to help you get started planning your bathroom essentials. Once you know where your design and budget priorities lie, a moodboard can prove to be a really helpful tool in planning out all those finer details. Whether you choose to use a digital mood board or indulge in some good old-fashioned cutting and sticking, taking the time to map things out can help to ensure all elements of your bathroom design fit smoothly together.

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