Declutter and Sort Your Bedroom With These Tips

Declutter and Sort Your Bedroom With These Tips

Just picture yourself waking up in a room that is spotless, uncluttered, and completely clean bedroom. It seems like a good idea, don’t you think? There is nothing that will get you more ready for the day than waking up in a relaxing setting. There is simply no comparison. There should not be dirty clothes strewn across every available surface. There aren’t any empty mugs or plates sitting on the bedside table, and there aren’t any piles of junk to draw your attention. 

It may become difficult for us to get a good night’s sleep if our bedrooms are cluttered for any number of reasons, including a lack of motivation to declutter, a shortage of storage space, or simply an excessive amount of belongings. It should come as no surprise to any of us by this point that getting a good night’s sleep is critical to maintaining both one’s physical and mental health. Decluttering does take up a lot of time and energy and you have to be mentally prepared for the process of doing it. You need to think about hiring a good rubbish clearance service to help you with it if you’re not hiring a skip. Once you have got rid of all the rubbish laying around, you’ll feel clearer and happier for it!

In this article, we will provide you with some pointers that will assist you in becoming an expert in the art of maintaining an uncluttered and well-organised bedroom. This will allow you to have a Better Nights sleep and to wake up in an atmosphere that brings you joy.  

Organise your storage

One of the most significant contributors to clutter is an absence of storage space; consequently, if you can address this issue, you will have accomplished more than half of what needs to be done to achieve a neat and organised sleeping environment. 

First things first, examine the contents of your wardrobe. Is it big enough? Leave a lot of room for hanging clothes, shelves and drawers for clothes that can be folded like t-shirts and sweaters, and hooks for things like ties and belts on the inside of the doors. Look at Wardrobe Direct  for some ideas. 

Shelves that come equipped with aesthetically pleasing baskets are your best bet for storing your accessories if you do not have the funds or the room for a wardrobe. Under-the-bed storage and vacuum bags can hold anything that you do not need to access on a regular basis, such as out-of-season clothing for example. Fancy trays, bowls, and dishes can go on your nightstand to hold your phone charger and jewellery. 

Invest a few minutes of your time each day in decluttering. 

To get started with this, you are going to have to go through some kind of intensive training. Use the method developed by Marie Kondo to get rid of any items that aren’t necessary; if it doesn’t spark joy in you or serve any purpose, it should be discarded in an ethical manner. You might want to consider selling any unused items and putting the money from the sale toward purchasing better storage solutions. 

After you have set up your boot camp, spend some time at the beginning or end of each day clearing away any clutter or garbage that may have accumulated. Hang up or fold and put away any clean laundry, put DVDs back in their cases, and generally spend a couple of minutes straightening everything out. Put any rubbish in the recycling bin or the bin and place dirty clothes in the laundry basket. 


If you decorate your room and give it a whole new lease of life, you might find that you are more motivated to keep it decluttered and tidy after you have done so. This is something you should keep an open mind about. It doesn’t have to be anything too drastic; a new coat of paint in a different colour or new curtains can serve as a source of motivation for you to organise the space.

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