Review of PlayMobil Petting Zoo and Animals

[AD] Review of the PlayMobil Petting Zoo and Animals

My children adore PlayMobil and we have many kits in our house that they have received as Christmas and Birthdays gifts. They love all of the make believe and pretend play elements to it, and being able to create all of these imaginary worlds at home.

I really enjoy hearing my daughter playing with it, and hearing some of the conversations she makes up between the people whilst they are visiting our PlayMobil Aquarium or buying a pretend chocolate ice cream.

For the Bank Holiday weekend we were all really excited to receive the PlayMobil Petting Zoo, alongside some additional packs of animals including the Meerkat colony, Pandas with Cub and Rhino with Calf. You should have heard the whoops and cheers from my two when they opened the box. Even I was amazed how perfectly formed the little animals are – they really are all very cute.

My children opening the PlayMobil Petting Zoo and Animal sets

The Petting Zoo contains a range of petting animals including goats, rabbits, turtles, birds, a sheep and a lamb, a bridge, rocks, trees and branches, feeding vending machine and many other items you would get at a petting zoo like carrots and plants. I must admit my favourite animals are the rabbits and guinea pigs that have their own little house to sleep in.

Here's a look inside the PlayMobil Petting Zoo box

With all PlayMobil kits part of the fun it putting it all together, and I did most of this with the help of my daughter. However now that I have done it once and showed her how to do it, she can pretty much put it together herself. The instructions are also really clear and easy to understand. One of the great things about PlayMobil is how it can help to develop a child’s fine motor skills and working with small pieces, even my near three year old is getting to grips with it.

Playing with the PlayMobil Petting Zoo

We love our PlayMobil Petting Zoo and all of the animals too. It’s a lovely set to have, and there are many add ons you can buy for it. Judging by how excited my children were by it, I would recommend it as a future birthday gift for someone special.

You can visit the PlayMobil website to see and purchase the Petting Zoo and many more PlayMobil collections.

Claire x

(I was gifted these PlayMobil toys in exchange for this review, all views and opinions are my own).

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