Making Your Lounge Cosy This Winter

Making Your Lounge Cosy This Winter

Winter is upon us and all we want is to hunker down with a lovey blanket, a hot drink and the heating on in the lounge. With the cost of living in crisis right now, most people are looking for other ways to make the lounge space as cozy as possible. You can do so much to make your space feel cozy simply by adjusting the decor, and that means that you need to introduce a neutral living space with a gorgeous pallet of colors. 

With the right makeover, and the introduction of comfort items like oriental rugs, you can make your lounge space as cosy as possible this winter. Do you really need the roaring fire? Will leave this up to you. There are some of the ways that you can make your lunch closer to live in this winter.

  • Bring in the florals. Adding florals and foliage to your space is going to really help you to cozy it up this winter time. Tropical palm leaves and Pampas grass create the summer feel but dried branches, pussy willow and stems of berries make it feel more wintry and Christmassy. Flowers are not just for the spring months you know, so invest in the right ones and your home lounge will look closer than ever.
  • We already talked about Oriental rugs playing a part in the cosiness for your living room, but chunky knits throws really can help. You want to opt for soft throws with materials that will offer comfort because these are heavier in their weight and can keep you toasty warm. Throws can be added to your favourite armchair for an extra soft snuggle in the evening.
  • Accessorise when you can. During the shorter winter days you may want to consider extra rugs, table lamps or floor lamps for extra lighting. If you’re nervous about the cost of energy, invest in some clusters of candles that you can put on high shelves and like the room. Candles can also heat the space, so looking at large candles is a good idea if you want to add more likes and more warmth without having to spend too much money.
  • Roll out your rugs. We’ve covered this a couple of times now, but if you’ve got a large floor and even if you’ve got carpet, you need to cover it with a rug so that you can add an extra layer of closeness. Double layers are like having double blankets on the bed – they keep you nice and warm!
  • Layer up with cushions. Cushions are one of the easiest ways to change the look of a room, and the winter is a perfect time to give your furniture a good refresh. Take off the light weight summer cushions and add the heavier, chunky knit cushions that give your living room a new vibe. Adding more visual interest can really help the actual space to feel warmed up itself, so test it out and see how you feel.

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