Styling a window area in your home

[AD] Styling tips to create beautiful windows in your home

Creating and styling a window has the ability to make or break a room, and there are so many options for how to style the windows in your home. Alongside choosing the wall colour and the flooring, the window space should also be carefully considered, it can become a feature of the room whether you live in a new build, 1960s property or a period home.

There are many options for styling a window area from blinds to made to measure curtains to window box seating with cushions. The list really is endless and totally depends on the overall style of your home and the style that you are trying to achieve in the room. All of these options can transform the window area and the room which is why it’s just as important as selecting your chosen paint colour.

Styling and creating beautiful windows in your home

To help you do this I’ve shared a few of my tips based on the experience of renovating our own Edwardian home in South East London. There are three main options when styling a window area; do you add curtains, blinds or do nothing, and we have all three approaches in our home.

Curtains add a feeling of cosiness to a space and look great in bedrooms and can add a feeling of luxury, framing a window area. If you have tall ceilings, take advantage of this height by choosing curtains that fall to the floor. Personally I find curtains that stop short just below the window cill look a little strange cutting the room in half, and much prefer them to sweep against the floor. There are so many bright, vibrant, muted fabrics that you can choose from to help dress the room, so do your research here. If you’re looking to add a splash of colour or a particular pattern to a room curtains are a way to do this, and they can often be teamed up with matching cushions and other fabrics.

Full length curtains add a splash of colour to a room and look great in rooms with tall ceilings

The other option is blinds, and just like curtains there are a lot of options here. Blinds work well in any style and in any age of property. It’s all about choosing the right one for your home and your room requirements. Full board shutters and slatted shutters look great in older properties especially in a bay window, giving a nod to the traditional style. At the same time slatted shutters or venetian blinds look great in more modern and newer houses too.

In bedrooms consider black out blinds or shutters especially in child’s bedroom. We have opted for black out roman blinds in our bedrooms teamed up with full length curtains that work with the style of the room adding a colour splash, but at the same time add a black out effect important for sleep. I also opted to have the same roman blinds in all bedrooms creating a consistent look throughout our home.

Shutter blinds look great in a bay window and a traditional look to a period home

My last option is do nothing. Some window areas especially large bi-fold or sliding door areas, or bathrooms, do not need anything. Again it all depends on personal preference and you may prefer something in this space for a bit of privacy. Personally I’m ok with being overlooked by our neighbours and I think that having something covering large modern doors may spoil the overall look of the room. That being said there are blinds you can buy for bi-fold or sliding doors that look fairly discreet that you can pull down within the frame once it’s dark.

When it comes to decorating a window area, spend time researching it. It’s an area that can really add impact, yet at the same time think about the practicality of it too.

I hope that this post has helped you. I would love to know how you have styled the windows in your home.

Claire x

Styling tips for beautiful windows in your home

N.B This is a collaborative post with Terrys Fabrics.


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