Enhancing Garden Living With Outdoor Kitchens And Hot Tubs

Enhancing Garden Living With Outdoor Kitchens And Hot Tubs

Outdoor living spaces have been one of the most popular home renovations/upgrades in recent years, and their popularity is only growing. Creating a home resort in the garden by including elements such as outdoor kitchens and hot tubs has become a bit of a trend. Including these elements gives homeowners another choice for indoor food preparation and an opportunity to enjoy outdoor nature while mingling with family and friends.

The modern outdoor kitchen provides everything a gourmet cook needs to prepare delicious meals without being restricted to the kitchen. Hot tubs are now created to complement outdoor kitchen areas because they add and improve your garden environment. The combination of the two aspects provides the ideal combination of outdoor cuisine, pleasure and relaxation.

You must research many options before proceeding with the actual project in all projects. To determine what you in your garden, ask your questions that limit down what kitchen amenities and appliances you want, as well as what size hot tub you want to include in your garden. This responses will paint a picture of your ideal garden, which will serve as a blueprint for the design of your outdoor living space.

Many hot tub manufacturers now provide everything required to build a complete home resort. Kitchen islands, for example, come in a variety of forms and sizes to create gourmet outdoor kitchens that include convection grills with backlighting for nighttime cooking, among many other options.

Selecting an Outdoor Kitchen

Some of the initial tasks include deciding where the outdoor kitchen will be positioned and if it will be a permanent or temporary construction. While both types of installations allow you to cook food outside, each has advantages and cons.

A portable kitchen island is a low-cost option to establish an outside cooking atmosphere. This is usually a more cost-effective option that produces excellent results. They can be as complicated or as simple as you want, with practically any sort of kitchen gadget and grill available to meet your requirements.

A portable outdoor kitchen can integrate many of the same characteristics as a permanent outdoor kitchen. With the proper electrical plug-ins, a movable kitchen island provides the same benefits as a permanent construction, but you can transfer it if you move.

A moveable kitchen island is probably not the way to go if you’re trying to add value to your home. Although less expensive, it lacks the long-term benefits of permanent construction. If you are seeking a return on investment (ROI) through raising the resale value of your house, a stationary outdoor kitchen is an excellent option. When combining personal preferences, these kitchens provide greater possibilities and flexibility in terms of customisation (e.g. sufficient space for food preparation and cooking). These kitchens can include all the same components and functionality as an indoor kitchen.

While they can be an appealing selling point for potential purchasers, the disadvantage of adding a permanent structure is the significant upfront expense. Flooring, countertops, chairs, lighting, electrical, and plumbing are some costs associated with these structures. Another consideration is maintenance, which will be required from time to time owing to wear and tear caused by severe weather. However, proper maintenance and protection (for example, covering specific components) can help prevent unnecessary damage.

However, delectable meals are now being developed for outdoor cooking, and the appliances required to prepare a gourmet meal are getting more modern to provide all the amenities of an indoor kitchen. Refrigerators, sinks, deep fryers, pizza ovens, storage space, convection grills, and other conveniences are available. The appearance can be altered with unique stone, fireplaces and flooring in a variety of materials.

An outdoor kitchen layout.
Image credit – Country Living.

Outdoor cooking equipment

Every kitchen’s base is the cooking area. The experience should be comparable to your interior kitchen, based on your demands, style, and budget. If the aim is to prepare enormous meals or use the room frequently, it is crucial that the equipment used can withstand daily activity and weather.

As with other purchases, there are no fast cuts to quality; you must research it. It is critical to read reviews, compare warranties, and choose businesses with a strong industry reputation. An outdoor kitchen is both an investment and a garden that can be enjoyed for many years. It will pay off in the long run if you take the time to make informed selections about your “wants” and “needs.”

Today’s outdoor kitchens allow you to use a variety of cooking methods to create a menu that will please your friends and family. You can, for example, smoke, fry, grill, barbeque, or use a grill. Or a rotisserie, side grills, and warming drawers are among the options. Many people choose to employ a range of cooking methods to design a kitchen that works best for them since it gives them options and allows them to be creative. Having these varied cooking options, however, requires that the area be adequately ventilated, especially if the kitchen is covered and not in an open location.

Another critical feature of an outdoor kitchen is storing food at a safe temperature before cooking. As a result, having an outside refrigerator saves you from having to go in and out of the house. Having food, beverages, and ice more accessible is a terrific way to integrate cooking and mingling in the outdoor environment. Cocktail stations, icemakers, refrigerators, beer taps, and wine coolers can help transform an outdoor kitchen into the social hub of a backyard. Incorporating bar stools, cocktail tables, or lounge seating will also keep the room buzzing with laughter, conversation, and the smells of delicious cuisine.

What happens after the party? Another decision you must make is whether to install an outside sink and/or dishwasher. These amenities are an excellent addition because they make clean-up easier by eliminating the need to drag anything into the home; however, careful planning is required for these items. A plumber should be employed during the design stages, before construction, to link the water source and drainage systems. This can increase the entire cost of the kitchen.

Budget management

To be successful in developing the ultimate home resort that the client has imagined, a budget must first be established. The cost of constructing an outdoor kitchen might range from $12,000 to $30,000, depending on what you desires. To avoid misinterpretation, draw it up, work out your timeline and be clear on your budget before you start.

Flooring and countertops

It is critical to have an accurate assessment of the space required for various tasks when planning the counter and cooking areas. When cooking dinner, for example, a large enough area is required to place all the components, prep the food, and then arrange it when it is ready to serve. Because this area will be used frequently, the more room available, the more comfortable you will be when cooking outdoors.

You can have fun designing the aesthetic of an outdoor kitchen because it allows you to tailor everything to match your garden, including the landscape, patio, or deck. Granite, ceramic and tile are just a few of the materials that can be utilised to finish the countertop. When choosing a countertop surface, keep in mind the area’s resistance, durability, upkeep, and weather. Acrylic splashbacks by Custom Splashbacks are an excellent choice for the cooking area, since the material is durable, and you can choose from various colours and styles.

Another factor to consider when building an outdoor kitchen is cabinet space. It is something that can never be enough, always plan for additional storage space than is required. The style of the cabinetry and the materials used to construct it will differ based on the budget and the temperature of the place. High-grade stainless steel, which does not rust and is suitable for most geographical areas, is one of the most popular materials.

Finally, flooring is an important consideration in outdoor kitchen design. A material that is resistant to water and stains should be chosen (e.g. concrete or stone). Many unique designs, colours, and textures can be employed; however, the weather should be considered. The floor must be able to survive harsh conditions according to the climate in the place where the kitchen is being built.

Outside Dining Areas

After all of the preparation and cooking are completed, you should have a place to sit and enjoy your dinner. Outdoor eating options range from a traditional round table (with an umbrella) that seats four to a family dinner table that can sit ten or more people.

Some people choose to have a breakfast bar attached to the kitchen island, which allows you to incorporate all the social characteristics of an outdoor cooking space. Breakfast bars are a more practical option because they provide additional counter space for food prep or serving.

The addition of seats gives the area a calm and inviting place to spend time with family and friends while keeping the cook entertained and conversing. Chair styles differ; it is critical to select a set made of a material that is not only stain-resistant but also weather-resistant. The textiles must be suited for outdoor use to offer many years of enjoyment.


In the evening, lighting is a crucial component for setting the tone and enjoying the outdoor living space. To ensure that this is done correctly, contact an expert to design a lighting scheme that works with your garden and landscape surroundings. Illuminating the kitchen and adjoining spaces should be part of the design scheme because safety is equally crucial. A well-lit kitchen and dining area are essential to the overall atmosphere that you wants to create.

Different lighting solutions can have a significant impact on the dramatic attractiveness of an outdoor kitchen and lounge space. Chandeliers, lanterns, lamps, ceiling fans with lights, mounted task lights, festoon lights, recessed lighting, porch lights, or wrought-iron sconces are all alternatives. When the sun goes down, the positioning and shadowing provided by the lights can create a mood.

Cooling and heating

Heating and cooling systems are offered for those chilly nights and hot summer days. Adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to the outdoor cooking space may create a warm atmosphere while also tying the entire area together. These elements offer warmth and a relaxing glow to the décor.

Portable air coolers, misting systems, and fans can assist keep the environment cool and comfortable when heat and humidity are present.

Include a hot tub

Adding a water feature is the next stage in making the backyard into a home resort. One approach to creating the ultimate outdoor living space is to combine a hot tub with an outdoor kitchen. But what is a hot tub?

A hot tub is a huge tub filled with water that is used for hydrotherapy, relaxation, or enjoyment. Some have powerful jets for massage. Hot tubs are also referred to as “spas” or by the trade name Jacuzzi.

To accomplish this, the first sketch out the layout of the backyard, including the hot tub and outdoor kitchen facilities. When creating these plans, keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Determine the amount of space available for each feature area (for example, the hot tub and kitchen);
  • Design the area to suit the outdoor cooking and lounging area; and
  • Allow for the addition of greenery, rocks, paths, water features, and/or decks.

Another crucial stage is preparing for hot tub delivery. The installation area should have a sturdy, flat base capable of bearing the weight of the water-filled hot tub. Access to the garden is also important. There should be adequate room to conduct the delivery and connect to the hot tub properly. To connect to the hot tub, an electrical connection must be nearby. The particular electrical needs will be determined by the type of equipment being fitted.

Final Words

You have many options for adding a hot tub or swim spa to your garden, just as you for installing an outdoor kitchen. You may prefer a low-cost plug-and-play device, while others may prefer a high-end unit that provides the ultimate in hydrotherapy and relaxation. There is a hot tub or swim spa to suit any décor, terrain, and outdoor space.

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