4 Ways To Make Your Office More Inviting

4 Ways To Make Your Office More Inviting

As a business owner, you want your space to be clean, inviting, and smell wonderful. Luckily, there are a few easy things you can do to make it all happen in style. Try some or all of the following tips today and see how your customers respond.

Make Your Space Smell Great

You probably know the feeling when you walk into someone’s home or office and instantly feel something comforting and lovely. It hits your nose first, and you realize that there is a beautiful and inviting scent in the air. You can create that effect for yourself and others by using an innovative scent machine

Curate a nose palette, if you will, through diffusion technology which will quietly and effectively diffuse the scent throughout your entire office space. A signature scent is one way for clients or patients to associate calm with your brand and services. As soon as they walk in, they will instantly identify the inviting scent on the air and find comfort in the nostalgia of good feelings and memories from past experiences with your office and team members.

Clean Often

Perhaps you have your employees rotate cleaning duties as part of their general job descriptions. If you are able, reconsider this approach. Instead, hire a professional cleaning company to handle your sanitation tasks. This can occur at the end of the day after all your patients, customers, or clients have finished their business with your establishment.

A clean and properly sanitised office building or suite shows you care about the details. People notice that attention and consider how it translates to their needs from your company and staff.

Your employees can, and should, still check on areas such as the restrooms and perform light cleanings or touch-ups throughout the day as they are on-site and able to attend to needs immediately.

Create a Beverage and Snack Area

People are probably coming in and out of your offices throughout the day. Given their varying schedules, they will likely be a bit peckish or desire a drink at one time or another. Go above and beyond their expectations by offering them an array of quick, easy, and delicious snacks. Make the choices even more appealing with a curated selection of teas and coffees. Your customers and employees will thank you for your caring attention to detail.

Watch this video for several inspirational creative office coffee station ideas.

Consider the Amenities

Amenities matter. Everyone has something digital and portable that requires power. Make your office or venue more inviting by offering much-needed amenities such as charging ports or stations. Disperse them evenly throughout your office to ensure everyone has a strategic ability to recharge their phones or laptops as needed. 

Everything you do to make a more inviting office will not go unnoticed. Actually, quite the opposite will occur. Everything from patrons photographing your space and posting it online to sharing your unique aesthetic to customers raving about how wonderful your offices smell will be noticeable and create unique impressions upon those who visit.

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