vation Of An Old House, Where To Begin

Renovation Of An Old House, Where To Begin

Reforming an old house is a challenge. The ideal is always to transform the space to our liking, but keeping its essence. To carry out this type of project it is necessary to have good planning, to avoid unforeseen events that may arise that could lead to some hidden costs.

Planning the renovation of an old house

The old houses usually have a privileged location and have elements that give them personality and character, such as stone facades or wooden beams, among others. All this gives them a special charm, which is not found in current homes. So reforming an old house is usually a good investment, you can also condition it to your liking.

Before undertaking the work of an old house, it is necessary to have a clear definition of how you want to distribute the space. Once you have the general idea, you have to take into account the state of the structure or the insulation, to develop a project that perfectly suits your needs and tastes. Be sure to have it fully surveyed before changing things such as knocking down walls and changing the structure of the home, for anything such as asbestos or other toxins that are often found in older houses. With an asbestos awareness course you can be educated on the matter further. 

The restoration project must have permits and licenses to be carried out. It is important to consult with the professionals before starting the work. As it is a major work, to touch the structure of the house, it is essential to have the services of an architect, to ensure that things all look good and the structure is safe and nothing is going to fall down!

How to renovate an old house: the importance of insulation in an older house

This is the right time to invest in insulation, both thermal and acoustic because old homes often do not have the heating systems of modern houses and can be very cold. If they have high ceilings you will find that all the hot air rises. Changing windows and doors is usually one of the most expensive items of the renovation, however, if they are deteriorated or in poor condition, they will have to be changed. Most likely, the plumbing system of an old house is outdated, with materials that are no longer used and that will cause problems. If the pipes are made of iron or copper, it is necessary to check their condition and verify that there is a good flow. Any burst water pipes or problems with the electrics could be dangerous and cause instability. 

To give the old house a new layout that suits your needs and tastes you should really consider the lighting and the direction that the house faces. You want to keep as much light as possible to ensure a good and airy feel. The orientation of the house with respect to sunlight must be taken into account and this way you can plan where you would like to place furniture. A little planning goes a long way!

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