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Top tips for a motivating home office space

A home office is a room that can be incredibly useful if you work at home from time to time, and essential if you have a work from home career. Despite this, most of us tend not to focus on making our home office area a motivating and inspiring space, which is something that needs to change. To really get the most out of your home office, read these top tips on transforming the space.

Choose your colours wisely

The colours you decide to paint your home office can massively influence your productivity levels. Colour psychology plays a big part when it comes to decorating the home, with certain colours affecting our emotions and moods in different ways.

In the home office, some of the best colours to use are blue, yellow, green and white. These shades all have different benefits, with blue being known to boost focus, yellow increasing creativity, and green creating a sense of balance. If these are all too bright and bold for your tastes, white is also perfect to use in a home office. This minimal shade creates a sense of ‘freshness’ and serves as a blank canvas in the home, which can be ideal if you want a fuss-free space to work in.

Property companies such as RW Invest use minimal shades like white, understanding the appeal of more neutral properties. This is particularly useful with developments that cater to student and young professional tenants, who are likely to need to work or study in their home.

Display things that inspire you

The beauty of working in a home office is that you can decorate it however you like. Unlike sitting in a dull and dark office space, you can fill your home office with imagery and details that inspire you. Hanging artwork up is one of the easiest ways to do this. Look for prints or illustrations that you find motivating in some way, whether this is simply an inspiring quote or a cheerful, colourful image.

You could either get these framed and hang them up or pin them to a corkboard for a more DIY and artistic feel. If you’re feeling creative, you could even create your own artwork to make your home office feel extra personalised! To make a space extra personal, you could make use of a space you can make your own away from the main home such as a guest house, loft conversions or finished basement.

How to create a motivating home office

Bring the outside in

Plants are one of the main things that so many generic offices are missing. Along with having so many health benefits, indoor plants can really brighten up a space and make a beautiful addition to your home. If you don’t have much space in your office, look for smaller plants such as devils ivy that can fit snugly on the desk or shelves. If you’re bad at looking after plants, opt for types that don’t require much watering such as a cactus or snake plant.

Keep decor stylish but comfortable

Last but not least, while the appearance of your home office and the way you decorate it is important, you need to also keep comfort in mind. Sitting at a desk for long periods with the wrong posture can cause issues like back and shoulder pain, and even make you lose your focus.

Seek out an ergonomic desk and desk chair, always work with a keyword and mouse and place your laptop or screen on a stand if it doesn’t meet eye-level. You should also make sure you spend periods away from your screen, getting up to make a coffee or go for a walk from time to time. Not only will doing these things help you avoid any health issues, but it will also help you concentrate on the task at hand and boost your productivity levels.

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