10 tips for keeping your kitchen clean

10 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

For many people, their kitchen is their haven. This is a place where you can relax, unwind, and create some delicious meals! Whether you like to entertain guests or simply love to cook for yourself or your family, the kitchen soon becomes your favorite place in the house!

Well, as long as you are using your kitchen to create magical dishes, you know that it is essential to keep everything clean and hygienic. Without proper hygiene in a kitchen, you can really compromise the health of your family as well as your guests and yourself. But cleaning the kitchen seems like such a task, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t have to! 

With a few simple tips, you can keep your kitchen clean without putting in too much hassle into it! 

Use a mini trash container

How annoying it can be to always have to walk over to the rubbish or the compost bin with a handful of kitchen waste every time. Whether it’s just plastic wrappers, or peels from vegetables, or just leftovers. An easy way to keep the area clean is to keep a small container where you can immediately throw in the handfuls of waste. Once you finish collecting it and your cooking is over, you can take the container and dump the contents into the big bin! Easy!

Make an all-purpose cleaner 

One great way to clean your kitchen as you go is to make (or buy) an all-purpose cleaner. Making it is super easy, and all you need are simple ingredients from your kitchen! Keep this cleaner handy and wipe down the counters, cutting board, etc. as and when you finish using them.

Deodorize your kitchen 

Your kitchen will inevitably start to smell if you don’t regularly keep it clean and deodorize it. You can do this with simple hacks, like keeping a container of ground coffee inside cabinets (this absorbs any bad smells). You can also keep a small container of baking soda inside your fridge or drawers. Again, this simply absorbs smells. To make your kitchen smell good, you can put potpourri, or spray a few drops of essential oil and water around the kitchen. 

Keep the sink clean

It is not uncommon to get lazy and want to clean your dishes later. However, this habit really contributes to a dirty kitchen. Instead, buy a soap dispensing sponge and form the habit of washing the dishes right away if you see any in the sink. Teach your family to do the same, so your sink remains clean and spotless all the time. 

It’s also important to keep your sink area tidy as under the sink cupboard is potentially a place where pests and rodents can enter your home due to all the pipework and drains. In the unlikely event that you unfortunately do find evidence of pests you could contact https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/exterminator/texas/ who would be happy to help remove these unwanted pests or rodents for you.

Use a vacuum instead of a broom

Essentially, what a broom does is just transfer dirt from one place to another. You shouldn’t do this, especially in the place where you cook your food. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner to really pick up the dirt and dispose of it. Today you can find some great wet and dry vacuum cleaners which will do a great job on the kitchen tiles or floor. Of course, you can always use a wet mop as well, but merely sweeping the dirt from one end to another is not the right way to clean your kitchen. 

Line the top of your fridge 

It doesn’t matter what you keep up there- whether it’s cereal boxes, or a fruit bowl, or just decorative items. The top of your fridge collects a lot of dirt and dust along the way. Keep a cloth, a decorative towel, or only wax paper at the top of the fridge. This way, you can simply throw it away or clean and re-use it periodically, and it also keeps the top of the actual fridge quite clean! 

Learn to use fewer dishes 

A mistake that a lot of people make which meal prepping is using way too many dishes, utensils, and tools. Instead of bringing out a bowl for every ingredient, mix them up together in one big bowl. Just run your bowl under water or use a little soap if necessary, and re-use the bowl. Bringing out another bowl just means creating a bigger mess which you have to clean up again. If you are using a cutting board for some vegetables, just use your cleaner and a towel to wipe down the board and re-use it again.

Use a cloth

Spills occur. It happens to everyone. However, instead of letting it sit and harden, clean it up right away. Here again, you can make use of your all-purpose cleaner to help you with the job. Instead of wasting tons of paper towels to clean up, simply use a cloth. Not only is it eco-friendly, but you can simply re-use the cloth again and again. Yes, you will have to clean it, but think of the number of paper towels you will be saving on! Hang your cloth on your tap so that it is out of the way and you can use it when necessary. Once you are done, rinse it and keep it out to dry, and then you give it a proper clean by washing it in the washing machine. 

10 tips for keeping your kitchen clean

Keep cleaning supplies close by

Keep a cabinet in your kitchen, especially for storing your cleaning supplies. You can have a mixture of commercial cleaning products along with homemade cleaning solutions (to save some money). Store them in the kitchen itself, so you have quick access to them as and when you need to. Remember to stock up on things like paper towels, gloves, and spray bottles as well. Clean as you go, and don’t keep anything pending for later on. 

Keep it minimal! 

The best way that you can keep your kitchen clean is simply to have lesser items to clean! Keep your kitchen as minimalistic as possible. Store your containers, bottles, utensils, everything inside, and don’t keep them out on the counter. This will just attract more dust, and you will have more things to clean. Not only that but keeping everything organized also makes your kitchen look bigger and cleaner- which is the point! 

It does not take much to keep your kitchen clean. You just need to make sure to have good kitchen cleaning habits – and stick to them! The lesser you have, the lesser you need to clean! 

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