10 Ideas To Consider When You Can't Find a Job

11 Ideas To Consider When You Can’t Find a Job

Being unemployed is one of the worst things that can happen. What’s worse is that you’ve tried and tried to find a new job, but you never seem to make it to the interview stage. Sometimes, you don’t even get a response. This can impact your mental health and confidence severely. You might feel you’ll never get a job again. But you need to remain hopeful and keep pushing yourself. If you feel you’ve exhausted all options, here are ten ideas to consider when you can’t find a job.

Take A (Short) Break

Taking a break might be the last thing you think you can do right now, but you won’t be at the top of your job hunting game if you are frustrated and stressed about being unable to land a new position. You don’t need to abandon the job hunt altogether, but you can give yourself some time to relax and make the most of the free time you currently have. Of course, everyone’s circumstances are different, so only take a break if you can seriously afford it.

Follow The Job Trends

One issue you might have with finding a job is that there aren’t any jobs where you are. You might want to work in the arts or tech, but your little town is not a hub or either of these. If this is the case, you will need to follow the job trends and move to where the jobs are. This is easier said than done, of course, and it can be difficult to uproot your family. But if you’re single or otherwise unattached, there’s the potential for some success.

Head Back To School

Heading back to school and learning new things (or brushing up on things you once knew well) will not only give you better qualifications that make you stand out, but it will also make you a lot more confident in yourself. When we take in more information, it makes us more competent overall. So whether you’re looking at level 2 health and social care or an engineering course, you’ll be benefitting hugely in the long run. While it may initially look like a step backward, it’s actually a step that improves everything about your job search and future career.

Boost Your Online Presence

If you’re someone who strays more towards the old-fashioned side of things, you might be missing out on opportunities because you don’t have a significant online presence. As much as you might dislike social media, it can be highly beneficial for anyone looking for a job. Places such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn give you the chance to engage online, get your voice and name out there, and may attract the attention of people looking for hires.

Improve Your Skills

Just because you don’t have a job right now doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to improve yourself. It’s arguably the best thing you can do while waiting for the right job to come along. Look for online courses (both free and paid depending on your budget) to boost your skills. This can make you more employable and perhaps be the last piece of the puzzle you need to catch the eyes of recruiters for your next opportunity.

Adjust Your Attitude

It’s hard to get excited about every job you apply for, especially when you have faced rejection after rejection. However, this can impact how likely it is that you get the job in the first place. If you don’t put you all into the application and the cover letter, then you don’t stand a chance against competing applicants who really want the job. Even if you don’t think you’ll get the job, you should at least try to get excited about the chance for employment, as this will shine through on your application and covering letter.

Apply For Temporary Positions

Temporary positions are just that: they are temporary. And, it’s because they are merely temporary that you shouldn’t worry about applying for them if you are desperate for a job. Many people consider such positions below them, but this is the wrong attitude to have. For one, a temporary position is something. If you’re trying to provide for your family, something is better than nothing. This position may only last a few weeks, but it could also offer something more long-term, which will be useful for helping you get back on your feet.

Ask Around

You can’t expect the jobs to come to you. You need to seek out the opportunities if you want to find a new career. You can do this by asking your friends, relatives, and even random people at the bus stop or the gym for any opportunities. They may not know of anything, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, and this proactive approach is something that should benefit you.

Refresh Your CV

It’s one thing not to get good news after an interview. Someone else may have been more experienced than you. At least you are getting interviews, though. The real issue comes when you’re not getting an interview at all. The problem may lie with your CV. it could be that you’ve not looked at it in years, and so it is outdated and maybe even riddled with mistakes. Give your CV a once-over, lend it to a friend to review, or work with a professional CV service to help you fix any problems.

Identify The Problem

If you are getting interviews but still failing to get the job, you need to know where you are going wrong. You can ask interviewers after they share the bad news for feedback. They might not be able to give you something useful, but others may pinpoint specific areas that you could improve for next time, so don’t be afraid to ask and implement it in the next interview you attend.


Considering how much time you have, there is no excuse for not being prepared for your next interview. It’s not enough to merely dress well and be on time (although these are crucial elements). You should also know how to conduct yourself in the interview. Interview practice is vital, and you can role-play an interview and record yourself on your computer camera to identify any problems. You can also research questions to ask at the end of an interview so that you make an excellent impression and hopefully give them no choice but to employ you.

Job Hunt Success

You might feel like you’ll never get a job again. But you need to keep pushing yourself and putting yourself out there. Otherwise, you will risk falling into a spiral that can be difficult to escape from. The job you find might not be what you want right now, but it is what you need, so take it for some stability, and keep looking for your dream career.

Claire x

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