How to plan your dream kitchen

How to plan your dream kitchen

We are slap bang right in the middle of our kitchen extension, surrounded by noise and dust. I have to remember that it’s short term pain for long term gain. If you’re in the same situation as me once you look past the mess, there are so many good things to be thinking about including what the kitchen is going to look like, how the room is going to be decorated, where the island (if you’re having one) is going to be placed and what type of flooring to choose. The list is endless and somewhat overwhelming. To help make it easier for you I’ve created a simple guide on how to plan your dream kitchen.

Choose your style

There are so many different styles to choose from, but ultimately the decision you need to make is whether to opt for traditional or contemporary. To do this think about your type of house. If you live in a old traditional house you may be best going for a more traditional style of kitchen such as shaker. Or if you live in a modern house you may be best going for handleless slab doors. The decision is yours and Kitchen Warehouse have many different options for you. My one piece of advice here is to visit kitchen showrooms and get a feel for the different styles, browse home interior magazines, and scour Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.

Know your floor size

Before you sit down and plan your kitchen make sure you know the size of the area that you’re working with. This is particularly important if you’re doing a kitchen extension and may not have the exact measurements until the walls start to go up. You will need these measurements to work out an accurate plan for your kitchen; where the kitchen units, appliances and sink will be placed. You’ll also need these to accurately map out your lighting circuit, windows, doors and if you’re having an island – where this is placed. You can start with a very loose plan, but until you know your final dimensions you won’t be able to realistically place an order.

Think about your finishes

What finishes are you considering? Will the walls be tiled or will you opt for a splashback to match the worktop. What type of flooring do you like? Will it be a tiled or a wooden floor? What colour will your taps and sink be? Will you opt for something a little more unusual like a bronze or a black tap compared to a stainless steel tap. When it comes to finishes the world is literally your oyster. Use Pinterest and Instagram to gather ideas. Create a board for your kitchen on Pinterest and save to your collections on Instagram. By doing this it will allow you to clearly see what styles you are looking for, what your colour preferences are and help you to pinpoint the exact finishes that you’re looking for.

How to plan your dream kitchen

Consider your budget

It is all too easy to go over budget with any building work and the price of a kitchen can vary hugely! Before you decide to upgrade your kitchen or extend your home, have a very clear idea of what your budget is and double it (I’m not joking when I say that). When you’re in the planning and building process you’ll inevitably identify new additions that you want to add in, or you’ll come across something during the building work that requires additional cost. There are obviously ways to save money, but do make sure that you have a clear idea of your budget at the outset and make sure that your designer, builder and kitchen company are aware of it so that they know the parameters that they are working to.

How do you want the space to work

Lastly think about how you want the space to work. Kitchens these days are more than just a kitchen, they are in fact the heart of the home. It’s the place where you can relax with your family, where you can socialise with friends, and where you and your children can be before and after school. The days are having a separate living room and kitchen area are a thing of a past, and there is now a huge shift towards open plan living. So think about how you want your space to work. If space allows do you want a living area or a dining area adjacent to your kitchen. Make sure that when you’re planning consider your kitchen as a living space rather than just a space to chop vegetables.

So those are my top tips for how to create your dream kitchen. If you have any others I would love to hear from you.

Claire x

How to plan your dream kitchen


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