Shameless post – Vote for me

When I started blogging 3 months ago I had no idea about the BiBs2016 awards by BritMums or the MAD awards by Tots100. To be honest it was to my surprise when I was looking on Twitter and all the fellow bloggers were talking about them. I only started my blog in January, so I know I don’t stand a chance of winning, but then I started thinking why not, I have nothing to lose. I’m also in the mindset that if I enter and nominate blogs this year, at least I will know what it’s all about next year when hopefully my blog will be a little more mature.

So here goes, for BiBs I would love to be nominated for Reader’s Choice, and for MADs for any category you like, probably new/baby blog. If you have genuinely enjoyed reading my blog, please do nominate me, I would really appreciate it. It would be fab if you could leave me a comment if you do nominate me so I can thank you.

Claire x

Tots 100 Awards
Cuddle Fairy


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