Newborn “firsts” (#mummywin) moments

I was getting our little one weighed last week (she weighed 18 pounds and 6 ounces), and next to me was a Mum with a 2 week old baby that would not stop screaming. This reminded me of the first time I took our little one to be weighed, and all she did was scream. This got me thinking about those little accomplishments, the first time you did something normal with a newborn and patted yourself on the back, and thought I can do this, the #mummywin. Here’s my list of those moments:

Leaving the house

This is somewhat of a mission, once you have mastered it you will think why was I so worried or why did it take 2 hours! The first time I left the house, I could barely walk (I had C-section), I even wrote a list of the things I would need to take with me. The reason why it would take so long was that our little one would feed for about 30 minutes, then need a change, and then need another feed – she fed constantly. Trust me, you will make it out of the house and become an expert at doing this.

Service station baby change – These are daunting at first, and often dirty and smelly. Our first experience was in Membury services on the M4, when our little one was 3 weeks old, she hated it so much she decided to wee all over her clothes. As I was very new to this game I didn’t have a back-up change of clothes in my changing bag, so I had to ask hubby to run to the car. The lesson learnt from this is to ALWAYS carry a spare change of clothes no matter where you go, and don’t touch anything in the service station baby change. They are not all bad, the baby change at Toddington services on the M1 Northbound is excellent.

Baby Group – Our first baby group was Baby Sensory, and in the early days our little one would either feed, cry or sleep throughout. But as she got older and become more aware, she started to engage and enjoy the session. It’s also a brilliant opportunity to meet other Mums, and share the newborn experience.

Going somewhere in the car – No matter how long or short the journey I sat in the back to begin with, the reasons for this were to entertain the little one and check she was ok. When your a new parent it’s a little unnerving travelling in the front not being able to see your baby. We have been on many long car journeys and sitting in the back has its advantages and disadvantages, the advantages being you can try your best to keep baby happy, the disadvantages are that you may have a really long journey trying to stop a baby having a meltdown. Both are exhausting, and you may need a glass of wine when reaching your destination! I’m now happily sitting in the front of the car.

Going on holiday – We have been on quite a few breaks in the UK, the first when she was 3 weeks old. Planning and writing a list is key, I found that I packed every item of baby clothing, all toys and baby related gear we owned.

Using the London Underground – Now I did this very recently, I can’t believe I hadn’t used the tube sooner, I have been on the train, but never on the Underground. I was really surprised by how easy it was, the signs are clear in the stations directing you to the lifts and exit. You do need to plan your route carefully, as not all stations have step-free access.

Going out for lunch or dinner – In the early days you hope that they will sleep throughout lunch or dinner. If our little one woke up she would either need a feed or be kept entertained, to avoid screaming the place down. Initially I would be sitting in wait, waiting for her to wake up, but the more times you go out with a newborn the easier it gets. It also helps going out in numbers, with other Mums, this makes it easier and helps to boost your confidence, you also won’t feel as bad if your baby starts kicking off. You will also congratulate yourself once you have an eaten a full meal whilst holding your baby.

Breastfeeding in public – Now this one I was super scared about this even before having our little one. This took place after our first weigh-in (where she would not screaming) so I was feeling pretty stressed. What helped me was being with other breastfeeding Mums for confidence and support, but also being in a breastfeeding friendly cafe. All public places need to allow breastfeeding, but this was one with a pink breastfeeding welcome sticker on the door. It is hard at the first, but the more you do it the easier it becomes, also no one bats at eyelid – they are far more interested in their food, drink, friends, smartphone etc…..

Cooking dinner – I have to say looking back this was one of my biggest achievements, I love cooking and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to cook again. I managed it by placing our little one in her bouncer in the kitchen, and she was really happy to sit there for an hour or so. My husband was pretty impressed that I managed to cook dinner when he got home from work.

Pretty much everything is possible with a newborn, it’s the first time you have to do it which can be daunting. But once you have done something one, you will have a little celebration in your head, and feel that you can take on the world.

Do have you have any “firsts” or #mummywin moments to add to this list, I would love to hear from you.


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    • The Pramshed

      Thank you, there are so many more to add to the list but I had to keep it short – it already was getting quite long. Over time they do become so much easier, and you do it without even thinking about it or having any worry. Claire x

  • Mummy in a TuTu (@mummyinatutu)

    I can relate to all of these hun! I was petrified about breastfeeding in public… quite often slinked back to the car where there are tinted windows. As for clothes, I always have like 2 or 3 changes as I have quite regularly experienced Poomageddons on trips out!

    • The Pramshed

      Ha ha yes I remember those days of feeding in the car, and spraying milk on the door! I still tend to forget spare clothes for our little one, but I’ve not had loads of poonamis. Thanks for reading and commenting. Claire x

  • islandliving365

    I remember these so well. Although at the start just managing to get out of my pjs was a Mummy win for me. I also discovered how amazing slow cookers are and used them a lot! #thebigpinklink

  • occupation:(m)other

    Ah Claire, I love this post. Brings back lots of anxious memories actually. I can relate to pretty much all of them.
    And what is it with service station toilets, mostly disgusting! We do lots of car journeys and in the warmer months just changed our son in the boot of the car, so much nicer than most motorway services!
    I like that you’ve listed these as achievements and wish I’d read this when I had a three week old and felt like I was failing and finding these things stressful or difficult to do…these moments didn’t always feel like I was winning when I did them, just surviving. I imagined everyone else was out doing all sorts of amazing, intrepid things that in reality they weren’t.
    Nice WP theme too, all the cool cats use Penscratch, ha!! Lucy #bigpinklink

    • The Pramshed

      Ha ha thanks Lucy yes love the penscratch theme but I would like to change it to something a bit more professional – that will all come, we are still quite new. There are so many more to be added to the list, like having a shower, getting dressed etc….I’m sure that you weren’t failing, you were just finding you feet. But it’s amazing in the beginning how you stress about these things, and then come a few months they all seem really normal. Thanks for reading and commenting. Claire x

  • queenofmycastlesite

    I have had my fair share of wins and fails. I think eventually you get to know your child and know if there up for something or not. My 3rd baby, a little boy, was so quiet and so happy, sometimes you didn’t even know he was there. Took him out one day when he was just a few days old. he dint wake up for hours. I was worried. thought his blood sugar might drop if i didn’t feed him. after hours of worrying, i brought him to the doctor for fear there might be something wrong. Well, there wasn’t. he was just a happy content little baby. sound asleep. 😉

    • The Pramshed

      I remember this too, we were so worried that our little girl hadn’t fed for 4 months she might be dehydrated – this was because we had to feed her every 2 hours due to weight loss. I think a lot of pressure and worry can be put onto parents, but what’s important is a happy baby and the parents are getting to know baby. Thanks for reading and commenting. Claire x

  • justsayingmum

    Oh a lovely post – I always felt so chuffed after every first and just stood that little taller in the club that is “Can’t you see I’m a mum and so done this before!” You’re very brave with service stations! #bigpinklink

    • The Pramshed

      Thank you! It’s hard at first, but you become and expert after the first time. Yes service station baby changes can be horrible, we had a poosplosion in one, ha ha! Some are better than others. Thanks for reading and commenting. Claire x

  • Kerry

    I remember writing a list of what to pack in my change bag. I also remember breast feeding for the first time in public, no one batted an eyelid except at me wrestling with my cover up scarf and getting flustered!

    • The Pramshed

      And that sometimes bring more attention that actually feeding 🙂 I still write a list for going to new places, but that’s just me, I would do that even without a baby. Thanks for reading and commenting. Claire x

  • Mama Zen

    Oh yes so true. Although my husband is still waiting for a delicious home cooked meal and my youngest is three!! haha #bigpinklink

  • Claire at Tin Box Traveller

    I remember everything about my first public breastfeeding experience. It seemed like such a big things at the time and I was so conscious of other people around me. IT’s funny how things like this become second nature very quickly 🙂 #KCACOLS

    • The Pramshed

      Yes definitely big and scary things at the time, and then you look back months later and think why was I so scared. I was very conscious and sometimes still am, depending on where I am. Thanks for reading and commenting. Claire x

  • This Mum's Life

    Aaaah, such a lovely post Claire! We are at different stages of our parenting journey (mine are 3 and 2,) but I remember each and every one of these so clearly! And it was just the same the second time around too! I can actually remember saying to my eldest when he was 4 weeks old ‘I did it! I’m actually doing this! I can do it!’ Nobody else was there-just him, but I was so proud of the little achievements I had made! We loved baby sensory, we went from 6 weeks to 13 months, and I was so sad when they were too old to go anymore! And yes, the service stations!! It is so daunting using one for the first time! Although I was pleasantly surprised by the ones in France. We drove to the South of France when DT was 5 months old (a lot of people asked what we were thinking, but he loved the car, and was quite happy in it awake or asleep!) but we stopped every couple of hours for feeds and bum checks, and the facilities everywhere we stopped were fabulous for babies!
    There will be so more lovely #mummywin moments to come, and I will look forward to hearing all about them! Thanks so much for sharing with #bigpinklink!

    • The Pramshed

      That’s very brave that you drove to France with him so young, but I always live by the belief that having a baby shouldn’t stop you from doing anything, they can join in the fun. Maybe one day we will check out the baby change facilities in French service stations. I love baby sensory too, we are in the older group and this will be my last term as I go back to work in June, it will be sad when we have to finish and I’ve really been enjoying the classes. There are so many #mummywin moments, I have one everyday when I get our little one to nap in her cot. Thanks for hosting and for your lovely feedback on my post. Claire x

  • anxiousmummyblog

    Ah I love this, it feels like it was only yesterday I brought A home and starting worrying about all of these but really it was nearly 7 months ago (where does the time go!) I have to admit, I still in the back of the car! I know it is ridiculous but I’ll admit I am too paranoid. For me a big one was washing my hair when my hubby was at work. We have an en-suite walk in shower which is lovely but it steams up very quickly so even when I used to bring her into the room with me, she couldn’t see me and would start screaming! We finally figured out a wee system and it was a lightbulb #mummywin moment! Love this post! Jemma x #MarvMondays

    • The Pramshed

      Thanks for reading and commenting, yes that is another #mummywin having a shower and washing your hair, also drying your hair too. It’s amazing how quickly you learn to do things with a baby. Glad that you managed to find a solution to the steam problem – did you take her in with you? Claire xx

      • anxiousmummyblog

        I leave the door open a tiny bit, jump in for 2 mins and play peek-a-boo, it seems to work! The things we have to do! Jemma x

  • Hannah G, The 'Ordinary' Mum

    Completely agree, I must say I’ve found myself ticking these off for a second time. I was so nervous about leaving the house with a Toddler and a Tiny Tot so when I managed it on my own for the first time it was definitely a huge #mummywin for me! Theres no better feeling than a baby first or a mummy win 🙂 #bigpinklink xx

    • The Pramshed

      You’re right there is no better than a #mummywin moment at all, I still have them everyday of the week. I’m sure that these moments are even harder with a toddler and a new baby in hand. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Claire x

  • Agent Spitback

    Lovely post and I was nodding along to many of your points. I can so relate to what you have written. The first time I made it out of the house with my #1, I was actually quite exhausted from all the packing, changing the little guy, lugging the whole suitcase, I mean, diaper bag and then getting into the car…and when i reached our destination, he actually needed a change and feed and I was already exhausted. Heehee! It is definitely a #mummywin situation when I felt confident to go out with baby by myself and actually having a good time. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

  • susankmann

    I love this post. I’ve been through a lot of these more than once and you get more confident each time. You are doing great and will get there. Hang in there. Thanks for linking up #abitofeverything xx

  • My Petit Canard

    Such a great list and a great way of remembering all those mummy first accomplishments 🙂 I definitely remembered some of these with a smile when I read them. Hoping it wont be too different doing it all again a second time around with a toddler in tow, eeek! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays Emily

  • A Moment with Franca

    This is a great list! I have gone through the same feelings like you with my first daughter. I think we are all scared when we are first time mums because everything is so new for you. It took me ages to feel brave to do most of the things in your list. Getting out of the house for some reason for me was a lot of work. Getting the changing bag ready took me ages as I didn’t know what to take. Breastfeeding in public was a difficult one at the beginning. But as you also said, all of these things take time to master them but when you do it, it is just a amazing. You really then think why you didn’t try it early but the thing is that it is a natural process. With my second daughter was a totally different experience. It was all much easier and I just did all since day one!! I was not afraid anymore! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! 🙂 x

    • The Pramshed

      Thanks Franca for your lovely comments, it is so scary in the beginning isn’t it. Once there are two I think that these firsts would be very different, but I think I still would be nervous with some of them again. I’ll definitely be back on Sunday and thanks for hosting my fave Linky. Claire x

  • thebusymumnet

    Love this. All so true! My firsts definitely started earlier though….the first time I dressed him (morning after, in hospital) I buzzed the midwife to come & give me a pat on the back ha!

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