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Week in Review #11

It’s been a busy week with the BiBs and MADs nominations that I have completely forgotten to write my week in review. Naughty me. I’ll keep this one brief, as we are in the middle of teething hell right now, and I’ve just managed to get her down for a nap – phew! Here’s my highlights of last week:

Trip to Birmingham

We took a little trip up to Birmingham at the weekend to stay with my husband’s brother and his wife. My sister-in-law is very heavily pregnant, due any day, so it was great to catch up with them and dish out some last bits of advice. We also saw my husband’s parents who had some lovely Easter gifts for our little one including a JellyCat ball and book. She also got a Hungry Caterpillar gift set containing the book and toy, as well as the Hungry Caterpillar crockery set.

We had a bit of a foodie weekend, including a leg of lamb and gorgeous potato dauphinoise for lunch, and then a takeaway curry for dinner which was super spicy. Before dinner we popped to the pub, and sat in their beer garden watching the rugby over a few beers.

A little goodbye NCT leaving lunch

One of the girls from my NCT group is going back to work 🙁 so we had a little farewell lunch for her. What was great about this was that we managed to bag a private room in the pub, so we had so much space for the babies to crawl, our buggies and 7 highchairs! We also enjoyed a few glasses of prosecco too! I make it sound that all I ever do is eat and drink – ha ha. Honestly it was lovely to catch up with the girls, as it had been a while since we had been together.

Sleep – big improvement

For a couple of nights last week our little one slept for a good 5 hour stretch, waking only twice in the night. For those that have been reading my sleep posts will know that this is a massive improvement. However we are now in teething hell, and she is waking a little more frequently the past couple of nights.

That’s it, have a fab Easter weekend all – hope the Easter bunny spoils you.

Claire x

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