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2017 Blog Goals Review

Wow, didn’t 2017 pass by in a flash! It seems like yesterday I was writing my 2017 goals for the blog and thinking about the year ahead. And, so much has happened this year. With it being just over a week until the end of the year, and me trying to calm down before Christmas, I’ve decided to take a little look at my blog goals I set myself at the start of 2017 and see how well I did or didn’t. I’ve also shared some of my stats too.

Here’s what I set out to do:

Goal 1: To be better organised with my blogging and put more of a structure in place.

I have definitely achieved this. Whilst I originally set out to post three times a week on specific days, I am now doing better than that and posting every day. That’s only because of a change in career and increased dedication that I have placed on my blog over the past 7 months.

I’ve found that structure is really important for a blogger and for your audience. Just like people wait for their favourite TV show, they need to know when you’re releasing posts. I’ve also found that having structure to your blog, helps you structure your day or your working week.

Goal 2: To be better with my social media use. 

I feel that this is something I’ve semi achieved. I’ve definitely ramped up my presence on Facebook and Instagram, but I need to be better in sharing other content, not just my own.

I also set myself a challenge to not be on social media beyond 9pm. Unfortunately this is something I haven’t stuck too. With the Digital Mums course and blogging every day, it has meant I’ve been on social media sometimes very late into the evening, however I wouldn’t say it’s disrupted my sleep or evenings, as it’s something that can done in front of the TV.

Goal 3: To set my core blog brand values.

Having attended Blogfest at the end of 2016 I was determined to set my core blog brand values, to understand what my blog was all about and to ensure that it headed in the right direction. I would say that I am still true to my core blog values, however as I have made my blog my business and my source of income, sometimes it hasn’t always been 100% possible to stay on track. However all my posts do relate back to parenting or associated topics in some shape or form.

Goal 4: Have a permanent brand partnership set-up.

Instead of this I have had many opportunities to work with lots of different brands throughout the year, and I would say that’s more important that having at least one brand partnership set up.

The experience I have gained through working with brands has been amazing, and it is good to have a list of contacts up your sleeve for future work.

Goal 5: To attend at least two blog conferences.

Tick. I’ve been to BML and many Lucky Things Meet Ups throughout the year. I love going to events, mainly to learn a new trick or too, but also to meet up with loads of other bloggers.

Goal 6: To continue co-hosting #fortheloveofBLOG.

The Linky is still going. It has had it’s fair share of changes with new hosts, new rules and new badges. It’s lovely to be able to run a Linky, and form your own blogging community. As well as it being a good way to find out about new bloggers and to read new content.

Goal 7: To improve my stats.

My stats have been growing since the start of the year, and I have now started to see that they are levelling off. Facebook and Instagram are difficult and slow growing, and I would say that a lot of my growth is via running competitions.

At the end of the year my stats are:

  • Twitter followers – 8391
  • Facebook likes – 734
  • Instagram followers – 1418
  • Average monthly visits – 5,152 per month

With the exception of Twitter all my targets were achieved. Twitter I had a milestone of reaching 10,000 followers, so I had better make that one of my goals for next year.

So those are how I faired up against my goals for 2017. Did you set a list of goals and how did you do?

Watch this space for my 2018 goals which will be published in the New Year.

Claire x

A review of my 2017 blog goals and how I did

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