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Week in review #4

This week we are back in the swing of things after our illnesses last week, and it has been a great week. Here are my highlights:


We have really focused on keeping the routine, and also applying it to daytime naps. I have noticed a big improvement in her going to bed, some nights she barely cries or makes a fuss, often going straight to sleep and sleeping for stretches of now nearly 3 hours. So, I’m really hoping that the new routine is working, as I feel that I am finally getting some sleep.

The daytime naps have also improved with a morning nap required 2 hours after waking. The lunchtime nap is more often in her pram when we are out and about. It’s the afternoon nap that I’m most struggling with, finding it difficult to get her settle.

Seeing my baby underwater

I missed the Waterbabies class last week as we were ill, so I missed out on the first opportunity to let my little one go underwater. So this week it was straight into placing her in the swim position, pulling her under, and letting her go. The instructor was great and talked me through exactly what I needed to do, having missed it last week. We then had the opportunity to see underwater through our goggles. It was amazing seeing her floating, looking around, eyes wide open, underwater (does the chlorine not hurt her eyes). This has been the best part of the swimming course so far.

Laughing baby

An amazing thing happened this week when Daddy got home from work, our little girl properly laughed for the first time when Daddy walked in the kitchen. We then captured this on video, making funny noises to get her to laugh, and sharing the video with family. It was a lovely sight to see, and we have had a few more giggles over the weekend.

Girly lunch and first time away from baby

This weekend was the first time I left our little one with Daddy for an afternoon, apart from the odd visit to the hairdressers and dentist. I was a little apprehensive about it but I knew that she would be fine, especially now that she is eating food. Before I couldn’t leave her for more than 1.5- 2 hours as she wouldn’t take a bottle.

I had a lovely afternoon at a nice restaurant in central London catching up with the girls, over a juicy steak, chips and wine. We shared a salted caramel fondue with doughnuts and marshmallows for dipping. It was a real treat, and I’m looking forward to the next time I can do this.

Our little one was absolutely fine, eating all her food and drinking milk from a cup. It was lovely seeing her smiling face on my return home.

That’s all, have a great week.

Claire x




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