Our weekly Baby Sensory class

Every week we go to our Baby Sensory class in a local church hall just down the road, I love these sessions as it allows the babies to develop, but also for a good catch up with the other Mums. We have been going since she was 6 weeks old, and now that she is nearly 6 months I have definitely seen her enjoyment grow, she is now so much more interested and aware than she was at the beginning.

The sessions are run by a lovely lady, who introduces the class with a sing and sign song – Say Hello to the Sun. It’s the same song each week so that the babies get familiar with the environment, and they know that it’s the start of the Baby Sensory class. I must admit that even now I can’t quite marry up all the signs to the words.

Each week it’s a different theme including colours, sleep, and animals. Yesterday we had a weather theme, some of the activities included a sing and sign song with different signs for rain, sun and thunder, and hitting a bowl alongside music to replicate thunder.

The classes follow the same structure of 20 minutes sensory development, which is a mix of singing, waving objects including bells, pom poms, rattles and coloured scarves to encourage eye tracking movement. Along with finger puppets to encourage peek-a-boo, light shows and sorting objects. Followed by 15 minutes of free play, which includes playing on baby gyms, ball pits, tunnels, tummy time toys, play mats with various toys. What I find good about this time is that my little one can play with other toys that she wouldn’t play with at home. The final part of the sessions is the best part where we regroup on the Baby Sensory mats, and play with a huge canvas (sheet of material) and bounce balls and balloons in different across the canvas (like a trampoline), to encourage the babies to see different shapes, textures, and colours. Often this is accompanied by some funky music.

The session ends with the Wave Goodbye song to signify to the babies that it’s the end of the Baby Sensory class.

As well as this the sessions are based on the time of year, at Christmas we did a Christmas sensory themes and all the babies came dressed up in their Christmas outfits. There was also a special Halloween session run as well, unfortunately we couldn’t attend this but I have heard that it was very good, with babies dressed up as ghosts, dinosaurs etc….

The little one and I really enjoy these classes, it is one of the highlights of our week. We have signed up to the Spring term starting at the end of February where we will move up to the older baby group (6 – 13 months).

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