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Week in review #2

This week has been pretty hectic, I have hardly had a moment at home to catch up with myself. It has mainly revolved around food for myself and baby, seeing friends and being out and about. We had a lovely surprise yesterday morning, waking up to a blanket of snow on the ground, unfortunately we had to make a dash back to London where little remained of the snow.

Here’s my five faves from the past week:


A little bit early but we have started weaning this week. Our little one has been showing the signs that she’s ready for a while now with everything going into her mouth, wanting to reach out and grab my food and drink at a table, and taking an interest in what myself and husband are eating. We started the weaning journey with baby rice, and have now moved onto baby porridge for breakfast and then purees for dinner. She loves pear puree, and we are now having more of a success with carrot puree. This week I’ll be making Sweet Potato and Butternut squash. Once she reaches six months and can sit up we will start with baby-led weaning.

I’m really excited about weaning, as it means that my husband can now help out with feeding.

Christmas presents

There was excitement in our household this week with the arrival of some more Christmas presents. We couldn’t fit all the presents, toys and clothes into the car, and my parents very kindly brought these over to us. Some of the new stuff included Fisherprice sorting toys, plastic plate, bowl, cup and cutlery, and some beautiful new dresses. All great for a near 6 month old.

National Trust visit

One of our Christmas presents from my brother was a year membership to the National Trust. The properties and gardens make for great places to visit with a baby. We visited Nymans Gardens with friends and their daughter. It is very pretty with lots of walking trails perfect for the buggy, I imagine that it is even more beautiful in the summer when the flowers are in bloom.  There is a bamboo walkway which is great, I can see it being a hit with our little one once she can start to walk. As it was such a cold day we enjoyed a coffee and cake in the cafe before heading back home. We’re hoping to enjoy many more days out on the National Trust this year.

Sleep training

Not sure if this is a fave but it’s pretty high up the agenda, I will only touch on this as it’s not going too well. I really need to put a lot more effort in to stopping feeding to sleep, and to hopefully stop the frequent night wakings (every 1.5 – 2 hours, or less). I’m desperate to have more than 2 to 3 hours sleep a night!!! After 2 months it’s really starting to have impact.


Now I mentioned food at the start of the post. I think I’ve only had lunch at home once this week, which isn’t good for the waistline. But with the lack of sleep, I think I deserve a daily cake. I’ve enjoyed going to the local cafes and pubs with the NCT girls for pizza, burger, sandwiches (not all at the same time). It’s been great to have a girlie gossip, and also to chat about baby stuff.

Have a great week.

Claire x







  • Someone's Mum

    Ohhh I would love the National Trust membership 🙂

    We started some very mild sleep training a few weeks ago as she turned one. It was taking longer and longer to settle her – 1 minute in and 1 minute out. It’s starting to work and she is falling asleep on her own. Still having a few wake-ups though. Part of me is sad she doesn’t need a cuddle to go off! Good luck 🙂 xx

    • pramshed

      Glad that the sleep training is working for you, it’s good to know it works. I was hoping we wouldn’t need to do sleep training but I am getting desperate to sort this out, I am still hoping that once she reaches 6 months it calms down a little. Chocolate and biscuits is keeping me going this afternoon after being awake from 11.30pm until 3am X x

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