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Week in Review #10

What a busy week it was for us. We celebrated my husband’s birthday during the week and at the weekend, took a trip to the seaside as the weather was so good, and attended a couple of our regular baby classes. Our little one has also mastered sitting up properly for longer than a couple of minutes without slumping to the side or falling backwards. Here’s a look back at my highlights from last week:

My Husbands Birthday

It was my husband’s birthday on Wednesday, he went to work, but we celebrated in the evening with presents and a lovely meal at home of baked camembert, steak and millionaire shortbread dessert all from M&S. He was spoilt with a new pair of trainers, Rayban sunglasses, cufflinks, cookbook and a meat thermometer. I also bought him a little birthday cake which we spent the rest of the week eating. It was also his first birthday as a Daddy so he got his first Daddy Birthday card.



As my husband’s birthday was in the week we decided to visit Whitstable at the weekend to have a proper celebration as a family. It was a lovely day and being only an hour or so out of London, we decided that Whitstable would make a perfect day out. If you’ve never been, go! It’s the perfect day out with rustic fisherman cottages, wooden boardwalks, a pebble beach and fisherman’s boats lining the water, it’s also very fishy too – famed for it’s oysters. We have been to Whitstable a couple times before, and would normally have a beer on the wall, and fish and chips on the beach, but as we had the little one with us we opted for Zizzi just because we knew it would be easy to feed her, have a baby change and they would be accommodating. We enjoyed a lovely lunch with wine too, our little one was in a bit of a grump so I didn’t get dessert, but I did manage a 99 ice cream later on. We had a lovely day out all made better by it being a beautiful sunny day.

The Sunshine

Another highlight at the end of the week and weekend was the weather, it was sunny and felt quite warm. I love the sunshine, and hate being cold and wet, so Spring and Summer are my favourite times of the year. It was lovely on Friday to walk in the park, sit in the sunshine and actually feel the warmth of the sun on my face. The trees are also starting to leaf, daffodils are in flower, and there are the first hints of blossom too. It definitely felt that warmer days are just around the corner.

Baby classes

We have been to our usual baby classes this week, going to Baby Sensory on Tuesday and Baby Bounce on a Friday. I love these classes as it entertains our little one for an hour, whilst giving her new experiences and interactions that she wouldn’t have at home. In our weekly Baby Sensory class the focus was on Mother’s Day, we played with plastic tea sets, bells, different smells, and we all got a little cake too – an added bonus. I also love these classes as it’s a chance to catch up with the girls, and afterwards we always go to cafe or pub for lunch, coffee and wine.

Thanks for reading my 10th weekly update, can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 10 weeks now.

Claire x

A Cornish Mum


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