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How to create a beautiful nursery

As parents or parents-to-be creating a beautiful nursery is one of those essential to-do items that are added to the new baby checklist.

We want to create a beautiful and stylish nursery for our bundle of joy. We turn to Pinterest searching for nursery ideas and inspiration, creating boards and pinning daily. Or we turn to magazines searching for dream images that will suit the rest of the house, and make for a comfortable and cosy room that the baby (or more likely you) will enjoy spending time in.

There are many ways to create a beautiful nursery and here are just a few:

  • Choose neutral decor. If you don’t know what you’re having it’s best to keep it neutral. Soft and warm grey tones are very much on trend at the moment, and this can be teamed up with any decorative accessories and colours to suit either a boy or a girl.
  • Think about what furniture you need. When the baby is born you really don’t need very much, plus the baby will most likely be sleeping in your room. You will need a cot, somewhere to store the baby clothes and toys, maybe some shelving to display family photos, a changing table or over the cot changer if you don’t want to hurt your back changing your baby on the floor, and a chair is always useful too. A wardrobe only really comes in handy once your baby is older and wearing clothes that need to be hung up, so for now this isn’t really an essential item for a nursery.
  • Place pictures and photos around the room. When babies are born they cannot see more than 30 centimetres. To help improve their vision select black and white pictures, or bold pictures to help catch their eye. Place pictures of family members around the room so that you can show them what Nana and Grandad look like so that they start to get to grips with familiar faces.
  • Select wall murals. If you have a spacious wall with limited furniture, or want to create a feature wall then think about using a wall mural. There are so many designs and graphics you can choose from to suit any nursery, and all are easy to apply. The range at is extensive and there is bound to be something for you, from Hidden Treasures to Farm Animals to Owls.
  • Make sure that the room is safe and comfortable. This goes without saying especially once your baby starts crawling and pulling themselves up. Check that all free standing furniture is secure and cannot be pulled over, and make sure that your little one cannot climb from one piece of furniture to the next. If you have any exposed plug sockets make sure that these are covered up. Lastly leave enough space for them to play and roll-around on the floor that is free from any obstruction.

Neutral nursery decor

There are so many different ways that you can create a beautiful nursery for your home and child, and I hope that these five helpful tips support you in doing that. For more nursery inspiration have a nose at my Nursery Inspiration Pinterest board.

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  • Carolyn

    Thank you Claire for sharing How to Create a Beautiful Nursery post. I love the idea of neutral decor with wall mural. Your simplified list is perfect and concise. Most moms forget to make sure its cozy for those long days/nights.

    Whats your favorite item when decorating a nursery?

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