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What I would love to see on Christmas morning with Feel Good Contacts

In just over a week households around the country will be celebrating Christmas. Children will be awake at the crack of the dawn, or earlier, and parents will be surviving the day on coffee or wine, whilst cooking the Christmas dinner for all the family. That’s what I remember about Christmas morning, waking up at 3am and excitedly opening my stocking, whilst pretending to my parents that I was asleep.

Now that our daughter is at an age where she understands Christmas and presents, I am really keen to create our own traditions so that she has great memories of Christmas as a child. So on Christmas morning here’s what I would love to see.

I would love the day to start at a sensible hour, not 3 or 4 am. Luckily our daughter is still at an age where she prefers her asleep, and hopefully the excitement of the day won’t win her over, so she’ll be up at around 7.30am. She’ll wake up and have no idea it’s Christmas day. Although I’m sure that she’ll be aware of the buzz and activity around the house, and the fact that the living room is full of presents.

Christmas presents

Her face will be a picture when she sees them, rushing over and frantically trying to open every single present in the room. We will need to have a lot of control, and maybe defer her attention to her Christmas stocking. I plan to fill this will lots of cheap toys, as I’m pretty sure the unwrapping of the present is far more exciting that the actual gift, so why waste money splashing out on expensive toys for her stocking.

Breakfast will then be with the family consisting of a full English which is something we always have on Christmas morning, accompanied with Champagne or Bucks Fizz. This is a lovely start to the day, and sets the scene for things to come.

After breakfast we will open the presents, taking it in turns to give our gifts. I really like this part of the day and it’s something that has never left me since childhood. Even as adults we love receiving and more importantly giving gifts, and seeing the smiles on the recipients face. Sometimes I get a little nervous that something I have bought might not be liked, but I think that’s only normal to feel that way.

By this point the living room is full of wrapping paper, bows and ties, as well as half opened toys. The little one will be running around like crazy, and not letting anyone open their own present.

Family enjoying Christmas

After all the presents have been opened and the discarded wrapping paper placed in the bin, we will play with the little ones toys. Building and constructing them, and hoping that she plays with them, whilst keeping her away from the chocolates on the Christmas tree. It’ll be a morning of mayhem, but fun and happy mayhem, and hopefully capturing her smile on our cameras to What’s App to friends and family.

Before we know it lunch is being prepared, and the beers and wine will be flowing, Christmas music will be playing in the background whilst the turkey cooks in the oven. Lunch will be served at about 2pm which seems to last for hours and hours. We’ll all be stuffed by the end of it and longing to sit and relax on the sofa after doing the washing up.

Then it’ll be the evening, and they’ll still be room for that chocolate and cheese board.

I love Christmas Day and I love the excitement of it. This year is going to be so special as our toddler is now ready for it. All wouldn’t be possible to see if it wasn’t for Feel Good Contacts who supply all major brands of contact lenses. They make my life so much easier for me without the worry of my glasses falling off whilst I crawl around on the floor making Duplo sets or playing with toy train tracks.

Feel Good Contact lenses and other items

For myself I would love to receive presents for pampering and relaxing, and I would love some new nail varnishes, bath treats, a book and new piece of jewellery would be nice too. Let’s see. Only 11 days to go!

How do you spend your Christmas morning and what would you love Santa to bring you. If it’s contact lenses I can offer you 10% of all orders with code TPSXMAS10.

Claire x

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