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Covering yourself in case something goes wrong on holiday

Travel can be extremely stressful, despite the relaxing tone we tend to think of it having. So much can go both right and wrong, and when you’re off with your young family, you’ve got a lot of little heads to worry about as well! This is the last trouble you need on your plate!

No matter where you’re headed, whether you’re checking out the West End of London or backpacking through the Amazon, there’s going to be some worries you need to pay attention to! Every kind of holiday has them after all, and if you don’t know the area you’re headed off to, it’d be good to know the most common problems you can protect yourself against. So let’s explore them now; read on for the details!

If Your Luggage Goes Missing

It happens a lot more than we like to think, and because of that it should be the first thing we know how to handle. First thing to do is wait around for a little longer, you might have just missed your bag on its first route around the carousel. But if you’ve been there for a half hour, it’s time to go to the authorities.

Report it to the airline staff as soon as you realise your suitcase isn’t showing up. There’s a 80% it’s simply delayed, but you need to be sure about its whereabouts. If you need more details, follow this guide.

If You Lose Your Passport

Losing a passport is something we all dread happening and rarely experience, but if it does, the first step is not to panic. If you’re at the airport before you jet off, make sure you locate the lost and found and check there first.

If you’re abroad however, you can apply for an emergency travel document which’ll get you home right away. Don’t worry, you’re never going to be stuck in a country you don’t know with dwindling money and crying kids. 

If Something Happens to Your Transport

Putting all public transport aside, sometimes we’re able to take our own transport with us, especially when we’re taking a ferry somewhere. However, having a car to take care of when you’re on holiday is just another moment of worry to add to your list. When you’re in a foreign area, even if you’re still within your own country, a break down or a crash is going to be a little more terrifying than it usually would be back home.

You can get extra coverage or a better plan in case of this when you head through sites like GoCompare to really show you the kind of plans on the market that can help you in situations like this. Overall, sometimes the insurance we already have doesn’t stretch to other countries, so always check in on this first!

If you’re off on holiday this year, I hope you have the best time!

Claire x

How to protect yourself in case something goes wrong on holiday

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