Cars and Kids; Your Summer Survival Guide

Cars And Kids: Your Summer Survival Guide

If you’re going on holiday this summer with the kids and you’re driving, then you’re very brave! Spending a long time in the car with the kids can be stressful and daunting, but if you put a little effort into the trip before you go then you can make it a lot easier and even fun!

First of all, you need to make sure you’re going in the right car, if you’re in need of a new one then now’s the time to get it. Go to somewhere like Auto Pavillion to find out which is the best one for your family and has everything you need for your trip.

Think of your car journey as part of the holiday rather than something horrible you have to do before you start your holiday. In the few weeks before you go, make sure you’re talking about the trip with your kids, get them excited and explain to them how long the journey is going to take. Tell them about the things you’re going to pass on the way or ask them for a list of games or music that they want for the journey.

If you’re arriving late at your destination, then pack a small overnight bag which will be easier for when you arrive and then you can take your time the next day unpacking and sorting all your things out. Make sure you have a blanket for the kids to keep them warm, and to help them sleep. Then bring paper towels and wet wipes handy in the front seat in case of any spillages or illness.

Pack enough snacks to keep everyone happy, as this gives everyone something to look forward to and something to occupy them, it also keeps the kids quiet. Get healthy snacks, both sweet and savory as too many sweets could get the kids a bit too excited and your car journey will be a very loud and long one.

Have a good selection of music to stop everyone getting bored, and if you have a good mix of everyone’s favorites and some to sing along too then, you should keep everyone happy. Portable DVD players or iPads are great as well, get some decent headphones so that you can listen to what you want in the front and kids can too.  

Games are essential to pass the time and easy too. Things like Eye Spy, Twenty Questions and I’m Going On A Picnic can be played so easily in the car with no equipment. There are also plenty of travel games you can either buy or even make such a car bingo.

Plan for stops en route and make sure you have time for them. Check out your journey beforehand and see if there’s anywhere that would be fun to stop off at on the way. Aside from toilet stops or food breaks, there could be an attraction on the way which would get the holiday off to a good start or even just a park to play in where everyone can stretch their legs.

Also, try not to stress, go with it, expect traffic, bad weather, bad drivers, and take it in your stride. Enjoy the journey and enjoy the quality time and the conversation with the rest of your family.

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Image Credit – Thomas Widmann on Flickr

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