Let the Sun Shine In: Brightening Your Home Office

Let the Sun Shine In: Brightening Your Home Office

Working from home has become the new norm, yet creating an effective office requires more than a desk and computer; one key aspect often overlooked in creating an effective workspace at home is natural lighting.

Natural Light’s Importance

Natural lighting plays an essential part in our health and wellbeing. Studies have demonstrated how direct exposure to natural daylight during the day can have positive impacts on mood, productivity and even sleep quality. When working from home, natural lighting makes an enormous difference by decreasing eye strain caused by artificial lights such as monitors while making your workspace feel larger and inviting. Ensuring your office has ample sunlight is not only pleasing aesthetically – it is also good for health and productivity!

Install Skylights

Skylights offer an effective solution for adding natural lighting into any office, without compromising privacy or wall space. Opting for a vented skylight will encourage fresh air circulation, cutting back on artificial air conditioning. Skylights also offer indirect lighting, which helps minimise glare on computer screens. Skylight installation should take into account the sun’s position to avoid overheating during the summer months, and professional installation is recommended to ensure proper sealing and prevent leakage. Skylights in your home office can create an airy and bright workspace, which promotes productivity and wellbeing.

Incorporate a Conservatory

Conservatories or sunrooms are another effective way of increasing natural light in your home office. These glass-encased structures were specifically created to capture as much light as possible, creating a warm and welcoming environment in which work gets done efficiently and more comfortably. Working under natural light while enjoying scenic views of your garden or backyard makes working there truly pleasurable – you can even manage how much sunlight enters with blinds or shades to adjust for. Remember, conservatories also provide you with the flexibility of using it as an additional living or dining area outside of office hours – truly making this space multifunctional! For optimal results, consult with a contractor or architect prior to building it so it will integrate smoothly with the architecture of your home.

Utilise Reflective Surfaces

Utilising reflective surfaces is an effective way to increase natural lighting in your home office. Mirrors, glass tables or glossy furniture can reflect sunlight around the room and brighten it further. Position a large mirror near a window or skylight to double the amount of daylight entering your room, as this will reflect off its surface and bring more illumination into the room. Desks with glass tops or glossy cabinets also serve dual purposes by reflecting light while being functional furniture pieces. Furthermore, using light-coloured or metallic finishes for your furniture and accessories will contribute towards creating a fairer and brighter workspace – an easy and cost-effective solution that can dramatically increase luminosity of any office environment.


Let sunlight into your home office to illuminate it while also increasing productivity, improving mood and contributing to overall wellbeing. By adopting strategies such as installing large windows, using skylights, including reflective surfaces or possibly adding a conservatory – or any combination thereof – and balancing natural lighting with your functional needs and aesthetic preferences you can create an energising workspace. By exploring various concepts from this list you are sure to have created an inviting, well-lit home office that you will love working in.

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