Features That Will Help You Find Comfort In Your High-Ceilinged Living Room

Features That Will Help You Find Comfort In Your High-Ceilinged Living Room

Many property developers now favour high ceilings that were once a traditional element of Georgian design. There are plenty of benefits here, including increased natural light, additional space, and the ability to make your rooms look bigger. Unfortunately, high ceilings can also provide a pretty stark finish that, in some instances, makes it difficult to achieve a cosy interior. 

For the most this issue doesn’t matter all that much the kitchen where freshness tends to be more of a priority. But, it may start to bother you if high ceilings in your living room stop you from feeling settled. 

If this is the case, then it’s important to turn your attention towards design elements that can add that cosy vibe. We’ve put together a few tips to help you achieve that goal. 

Focus on softening features

Softening room features like fluffy rugs, velvet throws, and fabric lamp shade can all help to add comfort to a small area within even a tall living room. When paired together, they can create a close-knit cosy vibe. The addition of warming features like the installation of a new fireplace can further this softness, making your room feel warm and comforting at night, while still providing you with the light-increasing benefits of a tall ceiling throughout the day. 

Consider a gallery wall

Gallery walls are a great option for adding interest and depth. Without taking away from the bright, fresh, finish of a high-ceilinged space, a gallery wall that showcases a range of colours and textures can stop the space from feeling cold. If you have a generally minimalist home style, a gallery wall can be especially useful for introducing pops of colour that prevent your high-ceilinged room from looking bare and uninviting. 

Play with a painted ceiling

While they are growing in popularity, painted ceilings remain a brave interior choice, but you may well find that it’s one your high-ceilinged room lends itself to perfectly. After all, in a property with low ceilings, even painting the ceiling a light colour would darken the space. But, if you can work out how to get paint up there (or who you can pay to do so for you), adding a layer of colour to your high ceilings can help to bring the room together, make the space feel more cohesive, and also create a more contented environment. 

Opt for tall accessories

Tall accessories can also help to bring your high-ceilinged living room down to size by taking full advantage of your usable space. These accessories may include tall ornaments or, more commonly, tall houseplants like Swiss Cheese Plants, which grow to their environment. While it won’t dwarf your room, the size of these additions will help to fill the blank spaces that are all too common with high ceilings, making the area feel more lived in, and generally more enjoyable. 

Tall ceilings are great, but it’s possible to make them even better when you introduce these comforting additions. 

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