Soothing your baby to sleep with MyHummy
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Soothing your baby to sleep with MyHummy

When you’re a parent of a newborn baby there is nothing worse than a lack of sleep. That could be because your baby isn’t going to bed until much later than you would normally. Or they are waking up a lot in the night. Or they are waking up really early and not going back to sleep again. All of these are normal as your child adjusts to a routine, and begins to understand the difference between night and day. Remember that they are not born knowing this and we as parents need to help them.

Babies are designed to wake at night, often waking for a feed or for comfort. However this is not always the case and sometimes they just wake up and need resetting. If you’re sleep deprived this can be extremely difficult to deal with especially when they wake up as they arrive at the end of a natural sleep cycle which can be on the hour. I can sympathise with anyone who is suffering from broken sleep as we went through a horrendous time when my daughter hit the 4 month sleep regression. This time round my son is a much better sleeper and I’m sure that myHummy has something to do with that.

We were extremely excited to be offered the opportunity to review myHummy, me in particular as I’m the one is dealing with the night wakings. Also my son seems pretty happy with myHummy too as the white noise does help to soothe him to sleep, and also helps keep him settled if he’s awake in his cot.

My son and Ash myHummy

Our myHummy which is saving the day (or night) for us is the Ash myHummy with bluetooth. He’s a fairly large bear that can be cuddled by an older child, but at the moment it’s nestled at the head of my baby’s cot at a safe distance which can’t cause any suffocation (my baby isn’t rolling yet). Ash is really soft to touch and not to furry to avoid any nose tickling.

Every myHummy comes with a removable heart which is essential the brainchild of myHummy. This is where the white noise emits from and is safely tucked into the tummy by a very neatly concealed zip. The heart can be controlled either by clicking the myHummy’s tummy or via your mobile phone if you opt for a bluetooth myHummy.

myHummy Ash and the myHummy heart

Here’s the lowdown on what the Ash myHummy can do:

  • Play a series of different white noises. There are 5 in total including waves, rain, heart beat, pulse, and continuous white noise (think hairdryers).
  • Increase or decrease the volume of the white noise.
  • Plays continuously for 60 minutes and then fades away completely, until your baby starts to stir, before kicking back in again – which is a great way for your baby to resettle. To be honest I’ve never heard myHummy not playing, so it must be working if it’s resettling my son back to sleep when he’s not waking me for a feed.
  • You can also have the myHummy on non-stop mode in hope for a fully uninterrupted sleep.
  • Lastly myHummy is machine washable at 40 degrees, but just make sure you remove the myHummy heart first.

On top of this if you opt for the Bluetooth version you can select the white noise, control the volume, control the duration of sound, and switch the sleep sensor on and off via the app on your phone.

We are really impressed with myHummy, I do believe it is contributing towards a better night’s sleep for both myself and my son. Plus I almost certainly think it helps him to settle by himself when he does go to bed, which I hope will lessen the impact of any sleep regressions. Fingers crossed it continues to work for us!My son and his myHummy

If this all sounds good, the Ash myHummy (with bluetooth) costs £79.99. This is a lot for a sleep aid, but if you’re a sleep deprived parent who needs to take action this really isn’t a lot of money for a better night’s sleep. The full range starts from £39.99 and is available on the myHummy website.

You can also choose a matching blanket too, and these are super soft and thick, resulting in my son often falling asleep when he lies on these. They also make a fantastic play mat and are great at protecting your knees if you have a wood or tiled floor.

My son on one of the myHummy blankets

myHummy blankets, myHummy bear and heart

As a parent I am mega impressed with myHummy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any parent or parent-to-be.

Claire x

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