You at 20 months

You, at 20 months

This week you are 20 months old. How did that happen? In 4-months time you will be two. 20 months ago our lives changed forever, but for the better. 20 months is a really good age to be, every day I can see your personality coming through more and more. Right now you seem to be needing your Mum and Dad, and will often reach up to be picked up, or come and show us something you want to do or read. Here’s some of the things that you are doing at 20 months.

  • Your talking and communication has upped a notch. You can say so many more words, and you’re constantly surprising me with new words. Your nursery must be teaching you well. Picture, door and stairs are your latest new words this month when you see them.
  • You are now giving Mummy and Daddy kisses on the cheek when we lean in for a kiss. You sometimes give us a kiss or blow us a kiss.
  • You pull funny faces at me when I make funny faces at you. I love seeing your expression when you stick your tongue out at me, or when you copy me blowing raspberries.
  • You love to read all your books, and want me to read all your books to you. In the last hour of the day before bedtime you often want to snuggle up on the sofa and let me read to you. Your favourite books at the moment are Thomas the Tank Engine and The Scruffiest Giant in Town
  • You’re trying so hard to get yourself dressed in the morning. You can put your top over your arm, but haven’t quite managed to get it over your head just yet. It won’t be long, until you can pick your own clothes and get yourself dressed.
  • You get really excited when you know that we are about to going out. Saying “shoes and then running to the front door or back door. If I’m late getting ready to leave, and you have to wait another minute, then all hell breaks loose.
  • You love it when you see a plane in the sky. Pointing at it and shouting “Airplane” and then waving bye bye as it goes off to land at Heathrow.
  • You point at every single car on our walk to and home from nursery. Even vans, lorries and buses are cars. I must start to teach you the words for those.
  • You really enjoy playing with toy animals, and making animal noises. Your favourite seems to be a lion and you “roar” when you see it. I hope that our trip to London Zoo today is exciting and you get to see so many animals in real life.
  • You like to see the little cat in our garden that follows you round. Often it comes up to our back door, and you stand there hitting the glass, shouting at it, and trying to make a “miaow” noise.

20 months is a wonderful age, and I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more and more as you grow.

Mummy x

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