You, at 22 months

You, at 22 months

I know I say this every month, but how are you 22 months old? It only seems like yesterday I wrote your 21 month update. This month I’ve noticed a lot of change. You are becoming so much more aware of the world, your personality and cheeky side is shining through. With that and your talking, you are becoming a little person. There’s also been a lot of change at home and nursery, with Mummy being around more and you dropping down to two days a week at nursery. I hope you don’t miss it too much. At 22 months old, here’s what you are doing.

  • You are starting to string words together, and saying a few sentences. This is great, and we often get “Hello Daddy” when he comes home from work, and “Are we ready”. I’m trying to encourage you to say ” Yes please, and “Thank you Mummy”.
  • Your confidence in water has grown hugely. When we stopped doing swimming lessons last year, it was pretty tricky to get you back into the pool after that. However after our recent trip to Center Parcs where you loved the toddler pool and water fountains, you’ve tried swimming in the bath, and enjoyed dipping your toes in the sea since.
  • During this trip to Center Parcs you loved sitting on the back of Daddy’s bike. We weren’t sure at first how you would take to it, but on every journey you were singing and waving. We didn’t use the buggy once.
  • You love to sing. I know this as we often hear you singing Baa Baa Black Sheep. Singing the “Baa”, “Baa”, followed by “Yes Sir”. Keep that up, it’s really sweet.
  • You’re being sick less in the car, which is great. We’ve been on some pretty epic road trips recently to Cheshire, Center Parcs, Cambridge and Wales, and I think you’ve only been sick 3 times!
  • You can say “I love you” if we ask you say it. Although it sounds a bit like “I wav woo”, but the sentiment is there.
  • One thing I’ve seen a lot of recently, is you’ve become a lot more clingier to me. You love sitting on my lap, playing with eyes and hair, and sometimes crying when I leave the room. I’m not sure if being at home more, or you going down to 2 days a week at nursery is causing this. We’re trying to solve it by Daddy doing more of the bedtime routines.
  • Your personality is really starting to shine. You know when we’re playing games with you, and when you want to play games. Sometimes you go off into quiet corner and can be found playing quietly and independently with your books or toys.
  • Rather embarrasing for you, you love to tell me when you’ve done a “poo poo”. I don’t think that we are far away from potty training.
  • You have your favourite friends at nursery, and you love telling me their names. Recently we had a friend over for a play date in your paddling pool, and we spent most of the afternoon trying to get you to share your toys, but you loved laying your tummy in the water.
  • Still your favourite words just like last month, are “biscuit” and “water”. I have no idea how many times I hear these words every day, but “biscuit” is getting less so. Good!

As we edge closer and closer to your second birthday, I know that we are going to see so many more changes. I’m already looking forward to writing your 23 month update, as we have an exciting June ahead of us.

Mummy x

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