Remembering nostalgic packaging from childhood

Remembering nostalgic packaging from childhood

There are so many products and brands that we use and consume today that we used and consumed over 30 years ago. I remember my childhood being full of crisps and sweet treats, obviously there were some vegetables, but that’s what I remember. Maybe that’s why my daughter has a tendency just to snack, she gets it from me. If I was asked to remember nostalgic packaging from my childhood my mind instantly thinks of the old school Walkers crisp packets, and glass milk bottles with silver tops freezing on the doorstep.

As technology and design has advanced, UK packaging companies have advanced as well. Gone are the days of our favourite 80s designs for more funkier designs and messaging to appeal to the youth of today. Along with making packaging much more environmentally friendly, so that in today’s world we are able to pretty much recycle anything – which is a good thing.

Looking back my favourite packaging from my childhood were Quality Street and Roses at Christmas in huge tins that were then used to store small toys afterwards. The cardboard packs of Nerds sweets where you could open each flavour separately and then combine them together in your mouth. And lastly the Trio Bar wrapped in gold foil covered by a red label shouting “Trio”. Remember those, whatever happened to those.

I wonder if my daughter will look back in 30 years time and reminisce about her favourite packaging and products? Right now it would be Pom Bears and Petit Filous.

There are so many products that have disappeared from the shelves over the decades, and so many that have remained and changed with the times. I asked a few other bloggers what their favourite packaging was from their childhood. Remember these?

  • The Parent Game Blog liked the original KitKat packaging, because when you rubbed the silver foil, you could see the lettering, which is very entertaining to a child. I was really cross when they changed it!
  • Mummy In A Tutu loved the old school Ribena cordial bottles with the foil tops.
  • Babies and Beauty loved the old cereal packaging. Especially Kellogg’s because they always had a toy inside, which was the best part of opening a new pack.
  • Life at Cooks Cabin says that Toffos were her favourite, the packaging was so bright and colourful and loved eating each flavour.
  • Wafflemama loved fiendish feet yoghurts! She wasn’t bothered about what was inside but loved the pots and growing cress in them after.

I got quite nostalgic writing this post and it really made me think back to my childhood, when I often thought of Christmas or consuming products on the go on long distance car journeys. I’m sure that if you asked the same question to my parents they would have an even larger set of nostalgic products containing retro 1970s style tins.

There will be some products where the look never changes like a can of Coca Cola, only the packaging will change to keep up with modern times and being better for the environment.

When you think back to your childhood, what packaging do you get nostalgic about?

Claire x

What's your favourite packaging from childhood

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