To my daughter on your last day at nursery

To my daughter on your last day at nursery

It seems like yesterday since I wrote this post on your first day at nursery, and since then so much changed. Both you and I are completely different people since I first dropped you off into the baby room on Day One. So much has happened in three years, and this day just over three years ago actually feels pretty alien to me.

As your last day of nursery approaches I feel sad that you are leaving the welcoming and cosy bubble of your nursery school that you have only ever known, and will soon be released into the big world of a London primary school. I’m sure that you are ready for it as you talk about it like you can’t wait to go. I on the other hand feel this constant tug of war between feeling sad that you’re finishing nursery and growing up, and that I as a parent will have to meet new parents who are outside of our nursery circle of friends.

It’s exciting for both of us, for all of us.

Your nursery has taught you so much. They worked hard to encourage you to eat when you first started, and I rejoiced on the day that I no longer had to bring in Ella’s Kitchen pouches. They helped you to sleep during the day, and I still have no idea how they manage to get a classful of children to sleep at the same time, I would love to be a fly on the wall during nap time. They have made endless pictures and paintings with you. They have taught you how to count, how to say the ABC, and how to do a million other things. They have sung songs to you, read your stories, played in the garden with you, and taken you on trips to the park which I know that you love.

You have made so many friends. You love playing in the home corner and keeping it tidy. You enjoy dressing up. You love to paint and draw, and make small things with your hands. You’re shy, apparently talking only in the toilets, that was their graduation for you. You have a good day every single day that you are there, in fact I have never heard a bad word said about you, apart from how long it took for you to walk and learn how to use the potty. But nevermind everyone reaches their milestones at different times.

Going to nursery was brilliant for you (and me), it has taught you so so so much, and I know how much you enjoy it there, even though you tell me you don’t want to go. When I selected your nursery I knew it was the right one for you, and I loved watching you develop and move up the rooms gradually reaching the top floor.

Watching you graduate a few weeks ago was lovely, and as a parent is one of those days that you think will never happen when you first started in the baby room three years ago.

Although your nursery days are coming to an end, I am sure that you will remain friends with most people,and continue to make more friends through your school years. I wonder if you will remember the nursery days when you are older. But for now I’ll keep your nursery days in your memory as you’ll still have to visit twice a week when I start taking your brother from September, so there is no getting away from it just yet.

Thank you Freya for letting me enjoy your nursery days just as much as you have.

Mummy x


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