Review: The new skincare range by Skintifique

Being a Mum, running a blog, and studying again means that I have very little time for me, and something I’ve noticed is that I’m not really looking after my skin as well as I should be. Time pressures and coupled with the fact that we live in London, mean that my skin is probably not it in it’s best state. A couple of week’s ago I was asked to review the new skincare range by Skintifique, which is great, let me tell you why.

We were able to trial the Skintifique Cleanser P, the Skintifique Moisturising Lotion HP, and Skintifique Hydrating Gel Plus HS.

Skintifique Cleanser P (£12.07)

This is designed to remove all traces of make-up and pollution from your skin. I really love using this cleanser as it makes my skin feels squeaky clean afterwards. Also you only need a little bit of it to remove all make-up, so I can see this lasting a very long time.

Skintifique Cleanser

Skintifique Moisturising Lotion HP (£22.01)

This is designed for people with dry, sensitive or reactive skin. It’s great just to slap on after a shower, and the pump in the bottle makes it really easy to apply. This is really useful if you haven’t got much time, because of a toddler running around wanting to escape the bathroom. I also really like this moisturiser as it hasn’t got too much smell of a scent, and feels quite dry when you put it on, so there’s no chance of getting any excess grease on your clothes, except for your child’s sticky paw prints.

Skintifique Moisturiser

Skintifique Hydrating Gel Plus HS (£27.11)

This is the ultimate of moisturisers, my skin felt so soft after using it. I found it best to use after a bath or when you have more time as it takes a while to absorb. But, that’s the beauty of this product is that it is an intense moisturiser.

Skintifique Hydrating Gel

(N.B the weird pricing is due to the exchange rate from euros as Skintifique are a French brand).

Benefits of Skintifique for us Mums

I have really enjoyed using this range and there are many benefits for us as Mums:

  • It’s super simple, there is no fuss. In a world where we are looking for simplicity partly due to time pressures this products helps with just that. The moisturiser is so easy to apply and soaks in quickly too.
  • If you forget for whatever reason to wash your face, the cleanser does just that. It removes literally all the grease and grime from the day. So you can take your make-up off in the dark, and there’s no need to worry about needing water or a towel.
  • If you have slightly greasy skin after a day chasing a toddler around London, the Skintifique range is perfect. My face always feels a bit disgusting at the end of the day, but the cleanser gets rid of that feeling right away.
  • If you’re in need of a bit of a pampering session, and a break away from the kids. The hydrating gel is really lovely to use, and after using it you’ll feel like you’ve had a day at the spa.

A little bit more about Skintifique

The Skintifique range has been designed to bring comfort and relief to people with demanding and sensitive skin; think eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. There are currently four innovative skincare products that are all 100% pure and non-allergenic, providing a strong and lasting moisturising and soothing efficacy which allows your skin to naturally repair which I have found since I’ve been using the products.

Where can you buy the Skintifique range?

If this all sounds good and you would like to try the range for yourself, you can purchase the products directly from their website. I would definitely recommend that range, and I’m already looking forward to taking my make-up off with it tonight.

Claire x

N.B I was gifted these items in exchange for an honest review.


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