Street Feast Hawker House

Street Feast Hawker House

I am a big foodie, and last Saturday I went along to Street Feast: Hawker House with some of my NCT friends for lunch and a couple of drinks, and also to have a good catch-up. For those of you who have not heard of Street Feast, they operate various food and drink pop-ups around London, often in abandoned locations. Hawker House is located next to the old Daily Mail printing factory in Canada Water. 

Pre-baby my husband and I would regularly go to a Street Feast on a Saturday night for food and drinks, sampling the different types of food on offer from all the vendors and having a few (or many) beers. When the little one came along I thought that these days were numbered. How wrong was was I? Street Feast can still be enjoyed in the day as it opens from midday, and it is such a good place to go with the babies.

Here’s why I love going to Hawker House on a Saturday afternoon:

  • It’s a great place for a NCT group meet-up, partners included. Everyone is so well catered for, and the husbands are catered for with great burgers and beer.
  • There’s a huge range of different types of food available to try. We had a delicious Thai Curry from Farang. Burger, Chips and Mac & Cheese Balls from Chuck Burger, and gorgeous Asian buns filled with Chicken and Pork from Yum Bun. This makes us sound a bit piggish, but I can tell you that all dishes were shared, as well as giving our little one some new tastes to sample.

Street Feast Hawker House

  • There is so much space to walk around with the buggy to help your little one fall asleep.
  • Going in the afternoon it’s quiet and not heaving as it would be in the evening, making it easier to talk and hear (that makes me sound old saying that).
  • There is a full bar menu available at the many bars located around the site, so if it’s a beer, cider, bloody Mary or cocktail you’re after Hawker House has your name on it.
  • The slightly older children are catered for with a trampoline and sand pit.
  • There is a baby change located in the ladies loo. Albeit under a red light, which my daughter was slightly freaked out by.
  • The staff are super friendly and helpful providing you with high chairs and are accommodating with our big Bugaboo buggies.
  • It’s free to get into before 5pm, after that there’s a small charge of £3 per person.

So with or without baby Hawker House is the perfect place to while away a Saturday afternoon with friends. The next time I have a Saturday afternoon free I will definitely be going back. It’s nice to be able to do something you would normally do without the baby, with the baby.

Street Feast has four locations across London including Hawker House at Canada Water – Dalston Yard, Dinerama in Shoreditch, and Model Market in Lewisham.

I was so impressed with our visit to Hawker House, that I decided to write a blog post about it. I was not asked to write this review.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures whilst there, so that’s an excuse to go back, so I can add some actual pictures on the blog.

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