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I love taking photos of my daughter. However I seem to have loads of pictures of her and none of us as a family. That’s because I’m always the one taking the photo. I decided that we really needed to get some professional photos of our family to show off around our home, and to pass onto our family. To help with this I came across an online service called Bidvine which is really easy to use, and allows photographers in London that are signed up to the service to put a quote together.

Bidvine follows a simple step by step process:

Step 1 – Select the type of service you require and enter your postcode. We were looking for a professional photographer, however there are also other professional services including cleaners and personal trainers.

Bidvine - Homescreen

The next set of questions are all tailored to your chosen service, and the handy progress bar across the top of the page shows how quick and easy it is to obtain your quote.

Step 2 – I selected the type of portrait photography I required. As I am after family photography with our daughter, I selected Family and Children or Baby.

Bidvine - Photography Type

Step 3 – I chose areas where I would like the photos to be taken. Natural light is always best so I selected Outdoors or Home. At least with being at home we can get some nice shots of my daughter on her swing in the garden.


Step 4 – I selected Artistic and Natural, as I hope to get some fun and natural shots of us as a family.

Bidvine - Image Style

Step 5 – I selected the budget. I know roughly how much photographers cost from our wedding photography, and wanted to get a good price for our family photographs.

Bidvine - Budget

Step 6 – I selected for the photographer to visit me as I wanted the photographs to be at home or outside.

Bidvine - Service Delivery

Step 7 – The final step is to sign-in to Bidvine to allow all your quotes to be sent directly to you.

Bidvine - Sign-In

That’s it. In seven simple steps and signing up to Bidvine using Facebook I now have a number of photographers reviewing my requirements and putting together a quote for me.

Bidvine - Confirmation

The confirmation screen told me that I would receive the quote by Saturday. However what’s really good about Bidvine is that I’ve received 4 quotes within an hour of publishing my request. All the quotes are within budget and I’ve received these by either email or text message. My next steps are to choose a photographer who can take some fun family photographs for us.

Claire x

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