A weekend with no plans

No plans for the weekend

I love a weekend where we have no plans. They tend not to happen very often as we are usually away visiting family, or busy seeing friends. This weekend was different and waking up on Saturday morning with no particular reason to rush off anywhere was brilliant. Thank god is all I can say, as my back was still in a lot of pain.

So how did we spend our free weekend. We spent it visiting our favourite local market for a coffee and lunch. The sun was shining, and it was brilliant to be together as a family sitting in the sunshine eating buttermilk chicken and chips, whilst our daughter wandered around a tree. It felt like the first day of Spring, and I think a lot of people also felt the same.

After feasting on half a chicken we had a little browse around the market, and luckily our daughter fell asleep in her buggy. We used this opportunity to head to a local pub for a cheeky pint. Fortunately she stayed sleeping for a while and we even tempted our luck with a second drink, only for our luck to run out when she woke up, but the open space of the beer garden kept her happy.

A weekend with no plans

That afternoon our friends asked us to pop round for a few drinks and for the babies to have their tea together. It was all fairly last minute, but a lovely couple of hours relaxing and socialising. I will also say that wine is good for back-pain.

We ended our day by my husband and I sharing a huge T-Bone steak that we picked up from our local butchers to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I’m sure that there will be another celebration later this week as his actual birthday is not until Thursday.

A weekend with no plans

The weekend got even better when our daughter had a lie-in until 10am today! I actually can’t quite believe she slept for so long, and I had to go and check on her to make sure that she was ok. I think a busy week at nursery and a few hours at a friends house the night before must have tired her out. We were really thankful for a lie-in, especially as I still can’t really move from back-pain. Anyone got any tips or tricks?

We spent our Sunday cooking a full English breakfast, a meal for the week and pancakes, and popping out for a walk to our local park before the heavens opened up, and we were hailed on.

I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about the future this weekend. I have some really exciting things coming up and more will be revealed soon!

I love a weekend that has no plans, and I love being able to spend quality time at home without feeling pressured to be driving somewhere, or having to drive back to London on a Sunday evening.

How did you spend your weekend?

Claire x


  • Fran

    I love a weekend without plans! I went to my parent’s with the kids Thursday and came back Saturday night to a nice clean house. Yesterday we went to the aquarium on a whim. From now on though there are no free weekends. It’s all flipping tidying and getting ready for the extension #badtimes

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