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National Board Games Week: Trivial Pursuit Review

Board games are a really important part of family life. They are a way to bring the family together, to sit at the table after dinner, and provide a break from social media. This week it’s the National Board Games Championship, and I was fortunate to be able to review the brand new Trivial Pursuit 2000s edition.

I’ve always enjoyed playing Trivial Pursuit and as a family we have a couple of old editions. I was really excited to get my hands on the latest game as I hopefully would be able to answer some of the questions that were relevant to the last 17 years. Like the usual game of Trivial Pursuit this follows the standard format where you have to collect all six colour wedges to win the game from the the 6 categories: Entertainment, Sports & Hobbies, Events, Science & Technology, The Arts, and Places. I must admit that my favourite category is Places, followed closely by Entertainment.

However this version has some different twists to it compared to previous versions I’ve played. It is much more interactive with your co-players, where you can stump or challenge the other players to a question if you think that will not know the answer. If they get the answer wrong then you will receive a wedge for that segment and move to the home space.

Or you can answer the question for yourself as per the traditional rules taking the wedge of that colour if you answer correctly. If you get the answer wrong you stay where you are. You can only go on to win the game once you collect all six colour wedges.

We really enjoyed playing this new version of Trivial Pursuit, the questions are relevant and up-to-date, but in true Trivial Pursuit style are quite hard and you need to have an overall general knowledge to complete the game. We gave it top marks, and would recommend it to all families.

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Claire x

I received the Trivial Pursuit 2000s edition in exchange for this review.


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