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30 weeks pregnant – what a milestone

I haven’t really written about my pregnancy very much, partly because it’s been going so quickly, and partly because I have had so many other things to be doing and writing about. However last week I hit the 30 weeks pregnant milestone, and do you know what it took me by surprise.

I certainly know what people mean by you losing track of time during your second or later pregnancies. I’ve had people ask me how many weeks I am, and I actually have to stop and think about it. Whereas with my first I knew exactly how many weeks and how many days I was, and how many days I had left. However this time round I am super busy with a toddler to look after, and I’m feeling a lot more relaxed compared to my first, so I think that’s why I’m not keeping track of it so intensely.

Having said that and because this blog didn’t exist during my first pregnancy, I think it’s important to capture how I am and how I am feeling at this important milestone of the third trimester.

Feeling huge

That’s true. People say that I’m not huge and actually have quite a neat bump for 30 weeks pregnant, but I feel huge. I’m now at the stage where my bump is starting to show at the bottom of my tops, and my limited wardrobe is now seriously limited. With such a short time to go, there really is no point in buying any more maternity clothes and just making do with what I have.


I was waiting for this to appear. I had it with my first and I remember that Gaviscon Double Action tablets really saved me. Sometimes I have heartburn all day, and sometimes it appears at night, or appears if I haven’t had any water for a while. So you’ll often find me reaching for the Gaviscon in the dark at 3am, and annoying my husband.

The tiredness

This has returned with a vengeance. I feel physically tired and look tired. I had a brief spell during the second trimester when I felt fine all day, but now the tiredness is just like the first trimester. I can’t get through the day without having a nap, and having a toddler to look after when all I want to do is sleep is a little tricky at times.

The nausea

For the last week or so I’ve had pretty bad nausea for a couple of hours during the morning. Food is the only thing to cure it, and after a few hours it disappears, but it still makes the mornings quite challenging. It’s a different type of nausea than the first trimester when I couldn’t actually eat anything, and I think that it is being caused by there being limited room for food.

It’s like a permanent hangover

Both the tiredness and nausea combined is like having a permanent hangover. I wake up feeling hungover, when obviously I’m not. I remember feeling like this with my first, with the exception of having a headache. It makes me crave rubbish food like crisps and chocolate, which I’m trying to refrain from as much as possible. Drinking lots of water makes me feel a lot better, but at the same time results in a lot of trips to the loo.

Pregnant lady holding a heart

Pregnancy insomnia

Oh my gosh, don’t get me started on this. It seems to be worse if I have a daytime nap, which makes it a lose-lose situation as I am often desperate for sleep during the day. I find myself wide awake for a couple of hours every single night, feeling uncomfortable with a head full of thoughts about house renovations, kitchens, and blog posts.

A slight panic

An ever so slight panic has set in; in 9 to 10 weeks time there will be a new baby in our house. We have so much to do which is making me worry about this arrival; including sorting out the nursery, buying a few bits and pieces, packing the hospital bag, and just generally being prepared. I am trying not to panic as we do have all the essential items, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling that we aren’t quite sorted.

Feeling uncomfortable

As the baby is getting bigger, I am getting more and more uncomfortable as it fights for space. Sitting on the sofa and lying down for long periods of time can be pretty uncomfortable, and I hope I don’t have to resort to sleeping upright like I had to do with my first during the last couple of weeks.

PGP Pain

I had this during the first trimester, and then it disappeared during the second trimester. On the days that I have to walk to the nursery twice and back, I notice that by the afternoon I am in quite a fair bit of pain. My back, bum and hips ache, and the only thing to relieve it is to not do anything or to have a long hot bath.


To end on a high and a positive, I am starting to feel really excited about meeting our new arrival and enjoying the last couple of months of being pregnant. We have yet to decide on a name, in fact my husband and I can’t seem to agree on anything. Why are boys names more difficult than girls names? I think it may be to do with the fact that we already have a girl. But before we can meet the little one, there’s just the small matter of the birth to contend with, and will that be a VBAC or C-Section?

How did you feel when you were 30 weeks pregnant or during the third trimester?

Claire x

30 weeks pregnant what a milestone

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