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A little bit of news……

I’ll make this short and snappy. We are having a baby due late Spring or early Summer.

Yesterday we went for our 20 week scan and it was so exciting to see the little man on the screen. He even gave us a little wave. I finally feel like all the excitement can begin now, lists can be made, and we can actually start getting ready for it.

It’s funny as this pregnancy I definitely haven’t been on the ball on the much as I was with my first. I really have to think about what week we are in, whereas with my first I was on the Babycentre app all the time. This time round I feel like there is literally no time to really think about it, the weeks are flying and I’m spending my days chasing a toddler around which is definitely making the time pass quicker.

I am so glad to be out of the first trimester. It was hard work. There were days when I felt so exhausted that I couldn’t do anything. There were days that I felt sick with nausea, that all I could do was lie on the sofa whilst my toddler trashed the house around me or watched Peppa Pig on my phone. Plus there were weeks when I felt like I was getting battered by every single cough and cold that was going around. Truly awful. Among this there were good days, where I felt normal and had energy.

Anyway I am feeling so much better now and back to normal. Well almost normal, except for the PGP pain. I definitely didn’t have this with first, and so I’m hoping the exercises I have for it and MUTU will help with that.

In terms of work I am still working and enjoying it. I am still blogging as much as I was apart from one or two days where I had no motivation out of exhaustion to write a blog post. I am still very much on the hunt for clients to work with after my completing my Digital Mums course, and my goals for 2018 very much remain. Consciously I set these that there would be a little one arriving late Spring, and I am sure that they are all very much achievable even with a newborn.

So for now, it’s onwards with the planning, purchasing and Pinteresting nursery ideas. We just need our house move to complete and to think of a name.

Oh and if anyone has any tips on looking after a newborn and a toddler (nearly three year old) at the same time that would be most appreciated. The one thing I am worried about is the lack of sleep……

Claire x


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