How to get over our World Cup semi-final defeat

You may be crying into your breakfast cereal this morning, or your kids are too upset that they don’t want to go to school following England’s defeat to Croatia last night in the World Cup.

Yes the nation may be in mourning and feeling hugely disappointedly, however we need to remember and what we should be incredibly proud of, is that England made it through to the semi-final of the WORLD CUP! Say what…..when was the last time that happened!

We saw off the likes of Panama in a mighty goal scoring victory. Then there was a very nerve-wracking game against Columbia where we won the nail-biting penalty shoot out, that I couldn’t watch. Followed by the final group game against Belgium, and the quarter final game against Sweden. Given our performance against Sweden, I think every one thought we could easily take on Croatia, however they got the better of us.

Anyway I’m not going to harp on about our performance in the World Cup. What we need to remember is just how well they did. The team haven’t been in the semi-final for 28 years. Reaching that game is a massive achievement and definitely something that wasn’t predicted.

So instead of starting the day feeling the doom and gloom, let’s all be positive! And there are some things that we can all do to take our minds off it and basically cheer us all up.

It’s nearly the summer holidays and if you’ve got kids in school, then start planning. Make sure you have trips to the park lined up, museum visits, days out planned, or if budget permits – book a holiday. Whatever you decide to do it doesn’t have to be costly, there are plenty of free places to visit around the country to keep the kids entertained.

You can also throw a World Cup party this weekend. It may be only the 3rd or 4th place play offs, but it’s another opportunity to see our team in action, and to support them keeping your World Cup dream alive. Plus it’s a good excuse to get together with friends and family too. I also hear that this glorious weather is set to break next week (yep – right before the school holidays), so ait’s best to enjoy it whilst we can by getting the kids into the garden for a kick about as I’m sure that they’ve still got the World Cup fever in them.

However you’re feeling about our defeat in the World Cup don’t be disheartened. As Brits it’s annoyingly in our nature to feel this way, but we must remember the whole team and the more importantly the players did so well! Gareth Southgate is an amazing figurehead leading the team staying calm with determination throughout, and I’m sure that M&S are particularly grateful for ramping up sales of their navy waistcoats.

Today is a new day, and a chance to get our evenings and husbands back!

But if it’s all too much for you there is always wine.

Claire x

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