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My experience of MUTU System

For the past 12 weeks I have been participating in MUTU System. For those of you who don’t know what MUTU System is, it’s a programme designed for women to help heal a broken body after pregnancy and childbirth. By broken body I mean a weak pelvic floor and core, that could be coupled with Diastasis Recti. MUTU System is designed to heal just that. Being pregnant again I am determined not to let my weak core and Diastasis Recti get any worse. So here’s my experience of doing MUTU System.

Why MUTU System

As I mentioned above it’s a 12 weeks programme for women that is designed to help you, and it encourages you to embrace your body. It’s an empowering course, putting you in control. The main aim of the course is to heal a broken pelvic floor, weak core and heal a separation in your abdominal muscles also known as Diastasis Recti.

Week after week you will slowly start to feel the difference, and feel stronger.

The course was created by Wendy Powell (the founder of MUTU System) who will take you daily through the exercises online via the fitness programme that is accessed via your unique log-in.

How MUTU Systems works

It’s easy. The 12 week course is fully online based, and it will provide you with the exercises that you should be doing on that day. Once you’ve finished the daily exercises you simple tick that day off, and the online module will instantly know where you are for the next day. The structure of the course is clear, and it shouldn’t take any more than 45 minutes of your time once you get into the later modules. For the first couple of weeks the exercises are simple, and only take a maximum of 12 minutes, meaning it’s perfect just to do before bed or first thing in the morning.

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What I liked about MUTU was it built up slowly over time. If there are exercises that you’re not entirely comfortable with you can learn slowly how to do them properly, and by the end of the course you should be an expert.

The course is also designed to use a small ball, straps, yoga block and cushions. All of these items are pretty inexpensive to purchase, or you could improvise with more pillows or cushions from around the home.

Benefits of doing MUTU

There are many benefits of doing MUTU System, and here are just a few:

  • It will heal you. Just like I mentioned above the course is designed to heal a broken body after pregnancy and childbirth. Like me if you know you have a weak pelvic floor, weak core or Diastasis Recti, then this course is for you.
  • It’s relaxing. I love spending time just before bed doing MUTU. The background music to the course reminds me of being on holiday in Asia. I must admit that I sleep a lot better having done my MUTU System exercises just before bed.
  • It’s recommended by healthcare professionals. I have had various doctor and hospital appointments because of my Diastasis Recti who have provided alternative exercises to do, and who have also recommended MUTU System.
  • It is a way of doing easy exercise in pregnancy. Before I was pregnant I used to love running. Although MUTU System is low impact, I actually feel good about doing it. I am exercising my body and working those muscles.

Doing MUTU System

My experience doing MUTU System

I loved it. I really enjoyed doing something to benefit me. Plus it was great to do during pregnancy. The course teaches you to suck in your pelvic floor and core muscles whilst you breathe out. You exercise at the same time as you breathe out to really strengthen those muscles. Trust me it’s harder than it sounds. Try it. However the more you do it, the second nature it becomes. I found that I was doing it whilst walking around or watching TV.

The 12 week course has given me the confidence that I have a strengthen core and pelvic floor. I can still feel a muscle separation, however I think that it because I have an ever expanding tummy, but I can feel that it hasn’t got any worse. I know that I will try and retake the course again once the baby is born, and hopefully close up that separation.

MUTU System for you

I hope enjoyed reading this post, and if you are interested in doing MUTU System, I am offering all my readers 15% off the full price of the course with code EMBRACE15 by purchasing via this link. If you are struggling with any symptons of a broken body I would really recommend doing MUTU System. It’s easy to do, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Would you consider doing MUTU System?

Claire x

How MUTU Sytem can heal your weak pelvic floor and core

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