How I will be improving my sleep and well-being with The Restored

How I will be improving my sleep and well-being with The Restored [AD]

I don’t know about you, but my sleep is so important to me. Without a decent night’s sleep I feel tired and cranky. I’m unable to make decisions quickly and ultimately I have that awful feeling of walking through fog that’s on top of me. It really isn’t nice, and right now with two children who decide that night time is party time, I am definitely not getting enough sleep.

Better sleep, is something that I need to focus on, and the new concept from The Restored can help me do this. It’s simple and not difficult. Instead it’s about focusing on the right things, and there are four areas that we as humans should have in our lives – Sleep, Nutrition, Movement and Mindset. However with the busy pace of our lives, the endless requests from the children, and often juggling working life and home life simultaneously mean that we are unable to address all four at the same time, or at least do a good job in each area. So it’s simple instead we focus on one area to build the foundations for a positive well-being, we get that area right before moving onto the next.

The Restored is a new health start-up passionate about combining products and practical advice to help you feel better, its motto is that 20% effort will govern 80% of your results. You can see for yourself what area you need to focus on by taking part in The Restored quiz. It will take you less than a minute to complete and you don’t have to do anything fancy like filling in forms to complete it. Simple.

I’ve taken the quiz and for me the answer is obvious, I need to improve my sleep.

And here’s why…..

  • It will make me feel more energised. I pretty much wake up every single morning feeling like I haven’t got enough energy to get through the day, or at least until I’ve had my morning cup of tea.
  • It will make me feel more focused and increase my concentration. Recently I’ve been really unmotivated to do anything work related, and I am sure it is because I’m missing out on sleep.
  • It will reduce anxiety. I don’t suffer from anxiety, but I do have those 3am thoughts and worries that cross my mind, often house renovation related, and these same thoughts stay with me until the morning when they seem less of a worry.
  • It will improve my memory. Maybe its a Mum thing, but I feel like I am constantly forgetting things, or putting things into the wrong place.
  • Lastly it will hopefully lift the brain fog. This for me is my priority for improving sleep, as that “all-day-brain-fog” feeling is terrible and seems to take forever to shift.

How I will be improving my sleep

As you can see there are so many benefits for getting a better night’s sleep. It’s not going to be easy, but here’s how I am going to attempt to do it…

  • Have some early nights. I love “my” time once my children are in bed. It’s my time to do whatever I want to do, to work, to tidy the house, to watch TV. The only problem is that this could go for too long and before I know it it’s 11.30pm and I am still awake. So instead of enjoying this time, I’ll enjoy this quiet time by sleeping instead.
  • Share the nightly childcare more so with my husband. For about a month now I’ve been pretty much solely responsible for sorting out our children when they wake in the night, which is obviously contributing to my sleep deprived state. To help improve my sleep, I need to try to share these nightly wakings with my husband.
  • Try to relax more being going to bed. Currently I’m terrible for just going to bed without having any downtime away from screens or the humdrum of the day. To curb this I’ll aim to have a hot bath or shower at least 30 minutes before I go to bed.
  • Lastly, limit my screen time. This is hard when I work in an industry where I need to be constantly tied to my phone, but I realise that life as a social media manager has to stop somewhere. So I will hide my phone, or stop using it at least 45 minutes before I go to bed.

Can I do it? Stay tuned to find out more. If you’re interested in improving your sleep or another area of your well-being do take the The Restored quiz, the results are pretty interested. Also watch this space for a range of innovative health products, supporting content and advice that is launching this August.

Claire x


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