Halloween outfits for toddlers

In just a couple of weeks time we will be celebrating Halloween. I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween, and I would rather ignore it preferring to sit in the dark in case any trick or treaters came to our door (I literally did that once). But now that I have a toddler who is learning more and more about the world, and who will have a Halloween themed day at nursery I have been looking at Halloween outfits for toddlers. There are loads, from cute to scary to weird, here are my top picks.

John Lewis Halloween Pyjamas

I love these, and I love children’s pyjamas from John Lewis. The quality is excellent, and the Halloween style is not too over the top, making them a perfect pyjama for any time of the year. These are £22 which are a good price for a set of two.

John Lewis Halloween Pyjamas

Marks and Spencer Pumpkin Fancy Dress

My toddler would look super cute dressed up as a pumpkin, although I’m not too sure how long the pumpkin hat would stay on for. This is a great price for an outfit at £14.00 which would be perfect for a day at nursery or a toddlers Halloween party.

Marks and Spencer Pumpkin Fancy Dress


H & M Fancy Dress

The range of clothes at H & M is very Halloween, being mostly black. I haven’t really dressed my toddler in black before, but I think that she would look cute and Halloween-ish wearing this fancy dress costume that’s available at £14.99.

H & M Halloween Fancy Dress


Tesco Cat Halloween Costume

I love this. Our toddler would love wearing this, and be the star of the show. It’s a bargain at £9 from Tesco, and comes with the cat ears, and black and pink stripy leggings. They also do an equally as cute Halloween bat costume too.

Tesco Cat Halloween Costume

ASDA Spider Princess Witch Halloween Costume

It’s another favourite from the supermarkets with this Spider Princess Witch Halloween Costume. I can’t believe that it only costs £9, it looks a lot pricier than that. This outfit would make any toddler feel special, and know that they are dressing up for an occasion.

ASDA Spider Princess Witch Halloween Costume


Party Delights Devil Boy Toddler Costume

Stepping away from the High Street for a moment as there are literally hundreds of toddler costumes from online retailers. This one caught my eye as your toddler would love playing with the poker, and hopefully wearing the red costume. This is available for £12.99 from Party Delights.

Party Delights


Sainsbury Black Halloween Cat Outfit

Yet again the supermarkets come up trumps, and Sainsbury’s have this cute Black Halloween Cat Outfit. It’s so pretty that I think you could get away with wearing this to another party or at Christmas. This outfit starts at £11 and is available for children up to 4 years of age.

Sainsbury Halloween


Not On The High Street Monster Face Children’s Sweatshirt by Ellie Ellie

I love this sweatshirt, which also comes in bright orange and bright green. It’s not too Halloween style or over the top, so would suit any parents who aren’t overally keen on the Halloween theme. It costs £23, and is designed and printed in the UK.

Not On The High Street Halloween Sweatshirt

So those are my top picks for toddler this Halloween. You can check out and follow my Pinterest board for more toddler Halloween inspiration.

Do you have a favourite outfit and how will you be celebrating Halloween?

Claire x

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