Buying a Family Car

Buying a Family Car: Things You Might Forget to Check

When we buy a car, whether it’s new or second hand, there are a few things that we know to check. We’re all great at checking the mileage and asking about service history. You might spend time looking online, reading the reviews and checking up on safety features. You may even be wise enough to go for a test drive. But, when shopping for a family car, things are a little different. 

When you buy a family car from Simpson Motors, it’s not just about how far the vehicle has been driven, or what has gone wrong with it in the past. There are other things that you need to consider. Things that most of us forget about until it’s too late. 

Does the Pram Fit?

If you’ve already got a car when you buy a pram, you should check that the pram fits in the boot. But, if you buy the pram first, you need to make sure the boot is big enough, so you aren’t stuck having to buy a smaller pram. You’d be amazed at the number of people that don’t check before buying and end up struggling to squeeze the pram into the boot around shopping and luggage, trying different angles to make it work. 

How Easy is it To Use a Car Seat?

Most modern cars and seats use Isofix, which is easy to use in any sized vehicle as long as it has rear doors. But, if for any reason an Isofix base isn’t an option, you need to make sure your seatbelts are long enough to go around the car seat, and that you’ve got plenty of space to get it in and out comfortably. 

Is There Plenty of Legroom?

Your children are going to grow. As babies and toddlers, they don’t need much space for their little legs, and the driver and front passenger are free to push their chairs right back. But, how about in a few years? Will you all still fit comfortably?

Does the Cabin have Storage?

Kids come with a lot of stuff. Long trips in the car mean snacks and drinks, entertainment, wipes, spare clothes and toys. Even on a shorter trip, you’ll need nappies and wipes, spare clothes and cloths. It’s handy if you can leave some of their paraphernalia in the car, instead of taking it in and out every time. A cabin with plenty of storage spaces means that you can do this without having an untidy and cluttered vehicle. 

Can You Turn the Airbags Off?

You shouldn’t use a rear-facing car seat in the front of your car with airbags switched on. While at the time of buying, you might think that you’d never do this anyway, preferring to have your baby in the back until they are old and tall enough to sit in the front without a seat. But, you never know when you might need to. Check that you can turn the passenger airbags off, and at least you’ve got options.

Have you recently bought a car, and did you consider any of this?

Claire x

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