• Catherine

    Thank you so much for this post!!! These are my thoughts exactly!! I have a few days annual leave left to take in a few weeks time and I asked myself and others if I should take my little girl out I the childminder on these days. I had to tell myself we are paying for it anyway and she loves it! Just like you, I am sure she loves it more there anyway! Haha!

    It is so important to have that me time but yes the guilt does creep up every now and then and we are left thinking is what we are doing the right thing. I have got better on this over the last few months and know that time away from me is also helping her develop more and become more independent.

    Such a brilliant post!! Xx

    • The Pramshed

      Thank you Catherine for your kind comment. It’s really important to have that “me” time every now and again, with both us and our children benefiting. Enjoy your time off in a few week’s time, and treat yourself x

  • Aleena

    Amelia was in nursery 3 days a week before I fell pregnant with Wills, and when my maternity leave started we decided to keep up with Amelia’s 3 days. Even though I am at home, for us it made perfect sense to keep Amelia in nursery; she learns a lot there, has loads of fun, eats well, and loves spending time with her friends. It also means that I have had time with Wills to bond with him, to have time to recover and regroup, and yes I have had a little break. What’s more is that when I return to work next month, Amelia (and Wills) will be in nursery 3 days a week anyway, so really it made no sense to take her out only to have to put her back in again. Lots of people questioned why we would keep her in nursery when it was eating up all of my maternity pay and I was at home, but I don’t feel guilty at all.

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