Vision Direct - Gizmo Saves Christmas

Gizmo Saves Christmas (and I get my contact lenses)

I could not live without my contact lenses. They are my number one essential item to have. Without them I wouldn’t be able to see or play with my daughter, or manage in my day-to-day life. Wearing contact lenses means that I can avoid my glasses falling off mid play whilst crawling around the floor. Or my daughter suddenly swiping my glasses from my face, and then trying to break them. 

This week I had a new batch of contact lenses land on my doormat from the lovely people at Vision Direct which happened to coincide with the launch of their Christmas advert. If you saw the Vision Direct Christmas advert last year you will know it featured the very lovable Mr Gizmo.

Vision Direct - Gizmo Saves Christmas

Mr Gizmo is a cool dude. This year’s Christmas advert is all about how we desire to create the coolest Christmas dressed house on the street. You know the houses that you see covered in Christmas lights with snowmen outside, and sleighs on the roof, these are the ones, where the neighbours take part in fun festive rivalry. In this year’s advert we see the lovable Mr Gizmo again, and his nearest and dearest neighbourhood rival; Cuddles the Cat.

Vision Direct - Gizmo Saves Christmas

Cuddles the Cat is super cute, she lives over the road from Mr Gizmo and is trying to win the best Christmas dressed house on the street. Unfortunately all the Christmas lights on her house take out the power supply for the entire street. But don’t worry Christmas is not cancelled, the show will go on, as Mr Gizmo saves Christmas by fixing that dodgy fuse.

Without his glasses or contact lenses Mr Gizmo would not have been able to see what Cuddles the Cat was up to, or save Christmas. I know that I would feel completely useless if I wasn’t wearing my glasses or contact lenses.

You can watch the full Gizmo Saves Christmas ad here, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It’s the perfect Christmas advert to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling to get you in the Christmas spirit and making you feel #pugxmas.

To get into the Christmas spirit I love the idea of a traditional advent calendar, and seeing the countdown to Christmas unfold as each door is opened one by one. Vision Direct have created a twist on this concept with games and activities, and I’m looking forward to opening the 1st door tomorrow.

Vision Direct is the UK’s first and longest online only contact lens retailer, trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers to deliver affordable and high quality eye care since 1998. Plus you also get a free mini pack of Haribo included too! Their glasses are also really affordable too, with prices starting at £19.99.

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching Mr Gizmo and Cuddles the Cat, and I hope that this blog post has made you feel a little bit Christmassy.

Claire x

This is a collaborative blog post with Vision Direct.

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