Range of gifts we selected from What 2 Buy 4 Kids

How to find the perfect present for children with what2buy4kids

I love buying presents for my daughter and the younger relatives in our family. Sometimes I prefer it to buying things for myself. Why is that? Maybe it’s easier and it’s great to see the smile on their faces when then open their gift. what2buy4kids has a huge range of present ideas for children of all ages, and we were invited to test some toys and gifts from their range. I think that my toddler thought it was Christmas again. 

It’s really easy to select gifts from what2buy4kids. Simply visit the website and select whether you are buying for a boy or a girl. It really doesn’t matter as most of the toys and gifts fall across both genders. Next up is to select the age of the person you are buying the present for. I always tend to look at their age, and then look also at one age up and one age down, as often the gifts suit a wider age range, or you might find that a gift is a little too young or old for the person you are buying for.

Once you’ve done that check out is really simple. You can either opt for gift wrapping and a message, and to have the present delivered to yourself or the recipient. The present will arrive a couple of days later, so don’t worry too much if you’ve left it a little late to order.

Here’s what we choose from what2buy4kids;

Orchard Toys Spotty Dogs Game

We are really enjoying playing with the Orchard Toys Spotty Dogs game. Although it’s for ages 3 to 6, my toddler is starting to match up the dogs, and count the dots. Basically the aim of the game is to spin the spinner, and then a child picks out a dog card containing that number of spots. All the children and adults who are playing do this, and when all the cards are picked and there are none left, the winner is the person with the highest amount of bones on the back of the card. It’s a really easy learning game to play, and one that you can adapt for different ages. This is available for £8.99.

Orchard Toys Spotty Dogs Game

Playing the Spotty Dogs Game

Fairy Friendship Writing Set

This Fairy Friendship Writing Set would make a perfect gift for a slightly older child than my toddler, and it would be great for anyone who is just starting to learn how to write. This set would provide them with independence with their writing skills, and hopefully encourage them to write. It’s available for £11.99.

Fairy Writing SetRachel Ellen Jungle Stickers

My toddler loves stickers. She loves to stick them anywhere especially on me. The Rachel Ellen Jungle Stickers are bright and colourful, and she loved picking out the lions and monkeys, and sticking them to paper whilst doing her Arts and Crafts. There are over 80 jungle themed stickers in this pack, and I think that’s quite a bargain at £2.99.

Rachel Allen Jungle Stickers

Toddler playing with the Jungle Stickers

Rachel Ellen Princess Colouring Book

Lastly we selected the Rachel Ellen Princess Colouring Book. Our daughter loves colouring, and so do I (it’s actually pretty therapeutic). This colouring book is gorgeous, with page after page of drawings to colour, and I am now seeing that my toddler is pretty good at colouring within the lines. It has come to rescue many times during dinner and going to restaurants, and therefore it’s great value at £1.99.

Rachel Allen Colouring Book and Jungle Stickers

So those are just a handle of gifts you can purchase at what2buy4kids. The range is huge and there really is something for every child. If you’re stuck for a present ideas definitely head on over to what2buy4kids.

Claire x

How to choose the perfect present from what2buy4kids

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